Musician from Berlin remembers how Turkish aggressor displaced her grandparents from Syria in 1915

The Turkish regime army’s ongoing attack on the northeast of Syria reminded my friend Hanin Elias, a musician from Berlin, how her surviving family escaped from Mardin to Ras Al-Ayn area in 1915.

She posted today on her Facebook account 2 photos showing the similarity between the displacement of people from the northeast of Syria in 1915 and 2019 by the same aggressor.

She wrote the following 2 sentences: “ My father told us the story of his parents and grandparents escaping the Turkish massacre against the Armenian and Syrian Christians in 1915. Kurds were promised a land in turkey if they help to kill the minorities...

Many of my family members got slaughtered for their faith and culture. The ones who escaped to Qamishli and Ras El Ain to find a safe place to live and express their believe in Syria are now escaping again. They are running from the same aggressor and the same traitor.

Basma Qaddour