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Starting-up “AVXW Make-Future Electronic Prosthetics Center” the first of its kind in Syria

Syrian youths have proved to the world that they are a beacon of excellence and creativity in all fields. Despite eight years of suffering due to the crisis in the country, they stayed steadfastly determined to continue their study and achieve their dreams.

 Eng. Ali Mohammed Al-Hassoun Al-Bakeer in cooperation with  two Biomedical Engineering students at Tishreen University in Lattakia province Sam Karafallah and Abdullah Qaddour have recently opened their own starting-up “ AVXW  Make-Future”  electronic  prosthetics   center  in Hama province..

"The center is our message, as Syrian youths, to stress our keenness on taking part effectively in the reconstruction process in the country. If the terrorists groups were able to amputate some parts of the Syrians’ bodies, they couldn’t uproot the spirit of development and creativity in all fields” Eng. Al-Bakeer told Syriatimes e-newspaper.

"The center is one of the first platforms of its kind in Syria that is concerned in producing and fixing electronic artificial limb for all ages” Al-Bakeer indicated.

He underscored that the center provides fixing electronic artificial limb and physical rehabilitation services free of charge to the injured Syrian Army soldiers who have lost one of their limbs while defending their homeland against terrorists.

He appreciated highly the keenness of First Lady, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad in encouraging, developing and supporting the youths’ projects, noting that the center has received huge support from Mrs. Assad.

On their part, Karafallah and Qaddour pointed out that the center's initial production capacity is 30 electronic artificial limb monthly which is being sold at a low price, especially for those of limited income. They indicated that the center can replace an amputated hand palm and below –elbow at a cost of 100.000 SP or above elbow amputated arm at a cost of 250.000 SP.

They made it clear that the electronic artificial limb can be fixed and removed easily without any help to enable the injured people do the basic function of the hand, stressing it is water-resistant, light weight and can be repaired at the center.

Al-Bakkeer and Qaddour, (each one of them has a martyred brother in the battles against terrorism in Raqqa and Deir-Ezzour) asserted “whatever we offer to the injured Syrian Arab Army soldiers, it won’t be compared to their sacrifices”, expressing their endeavor to make this center famous at the Arab and international level.

They said that they seek expanding the center’s activities so it can provide different kinds of medical devices to help people with tetraplegia live a normal life.

They indicated that the Lattakia’s branch of the Syrian Computer Society (SCS) has played a vital role in ensuring the place and the IT incubator for their project.

It is noteworthy to mention that the three youths’ medical project on the electronic limb has got a gold medal at the 19th Al-Bassel Exhibition for Innovation and creativity.

Interviewed by: Rawaa Ghanam

Photos by: Rawaa Ghanam