827 Inventors in Al-Basel exhibition for Creativity and Invention within the activities of Damascus International Fair

827 Inventors in Al-Basel Exhibition for Creativity and Invention which will kick off on the  31-8 2019. The exhibition will also be at the Damascus International Fair.

The exhibition is organized by the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection in cooperation with the Syrian Inventors Association, the Excellence and Creativity Agency and the High Commission for Scientific Research.

The Assistant of the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Rifaat Suleiman, told SANA that the exhibition preparations had been completed and the inventions of the exhibitors from the other governorates are being transported via special cars.

For his part, Director of the commercial and industrial property protection Shafiq Al-Azab said that the participants vary in age and come from different schools and public and private universities in Damascus, Tishreen, Aleppo, Baath and Tartous, in addition to participants from the Agricultural Research Organization, the Syrian inventors Association and 6 participants from Iraq. Al-Azab explained that the inventions diversified between medical, engineering, agricultural, environmental, prosthetics and reconstruction technology.

The activities of Damascus International Fair "From Damascus to the World" will start on August 28th till 6th of September.