Syrian Women buried talents exploring choral chant at Choral Bashair Baydar Jaramana

ST_ Bashair Baydar Jaramana is a voluntary team of free-willing independent volunteers from the Syrian civil community, established in 2012. “Certainly, the war on Syria has played a critical role in the founding core idea of our team; despite the fact that solidarity, cooperation, collaborative work is an integrated tradition in the Syrian community.” Declared Mr. Fayz Salah Al-Hannawi, Bashair Baydar Jaramana founder.

 Concerning Bashair Baydar Jaramana activities, “we are mostly targeting two main categories (Children/Women) who have been deeply affected by the war as well as the war aftermath. Therefore, we have introduced a program called ‘Study Home’ which includes trail lessons in comprehension and homework activities of underprivileged children on a weekly base by volunteering instructors’ throughout the academic year.” Mr. Hannawi explained to Syriatimes. Whereas, in summer Bashair Baydar Jaramana launch a summer club ‘Tomorrow is Better' which includes an interactive theater that is psychologically and emotionally supportive of children. “Material relief and food aids come and go, but education is a pillar in any societal reform” Hannawi clearly affirmed.

With reference to Choral Bashair Baydar Jaramana, Mr. Hannawi stated that this program is targeting women in that it trains them to sing by vocal experts, in order to find relief. All the women we interviewed affirmed that this two hours session is a break from their daily tension so they can come back to their families with a totally different mood.

Mr. Hannawi supplied Syriatimes with details of their other activities like ‘Eid bounties initiative’, ‘Stationery initiative’, celebrations of Mother’s and Teacher’s days, which are all made by the cooperation of the civic society and individual donations to draw a smile on the face of those less fortunate. He as well emphasized a civil initiative launched by their team called ‘ emotional communication’ that has attracted a large number of civilians to establish a non-violent dialogue between different categories of the Syrian society confirming that if we can clearly and calmly express our needs, others will comprehend and cope with them more easily.

Finally, when asked about their team message; Mr. Hannawi concluded his interview with Syriatimes by a moral:

The bird will raise his wings to the sky to halt ‘the sky toppling over the earth’[1].

 When asked what a delicate creature like you could do to prevent ‘the sky toppling over earth’?!!! He answered “I will do what I have to do.”



Interviewed by: Lama Alhassanieh


[1] A Syrian expression indicating the impossibility of a certain matter to become true.