Bilal Haydar .. Eye for the Homeland and an Eye for the Cinema

Homs, (ST)- Hope and an iron determination are what make Bilal Haydar an exceptional young man. After losing an eye in the fight against terrorism Bilal resolved to continue in the path he has chosen for himself before the war-Directing and theatre studies.

Bilal, went on to say that before joining the Syrian army at the beginning of the terrorist war against Syria, he studied the art of theater and directing in Damascus institutes under the supervision of leading Syrian artists and directors. He followed several courses in theatrical direction. During his short artistic career, he won the Best Actor and Best Director award in 2005 during a film directing course led by artists, the late Nidal Segiri, Bassam Kousa and Ali Satouf.

 Bilal, who was besieged by terrorists during his military service at Quiris, Aleppo, for five years, is currently working on a number of cultural and artistic initiatives and projects in the governorate, such as the "Mada Cultural Project" and the "Ornina" team in the governorate. Both projects are concerned with art, literature and culture, where the Ornina Cultural Team is currently working to form a theater team for Ornina to sponsor and support the young artistic talents.

 Bilal produced the film "Curiosity" which tells about human instincts up to nihilism in five minutes and 15 seconds in black and white and silent. It is planned to take part soon in the "Al Dilba Art Cultural Festival" in Mashta El Helou and in a festival in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates and in Germany as well, where he seeks that his works will be known internationally.

"Two years following my injury, I produced two plays and a movie film. I also prepared to hold a film festival in Homs through the First Short Film Festival in the governorate at the headquarters of the Harmony Cultural Project in Homs to provide the opportunity for young people to enjoy the art of cinema and to create artistic visions and ideas that help to innovate in monitoring various cinematic issues," Bilal concluded.

Amal Farhat- Homs