"The smartest child in the world" Syrian girl gets the title.

12 year old Noor Laith Ibrahim was named the" smartest child in the world' after winning first place in the mental mathematics competition held in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. The "CHAM" website reported the girl managed to get the first place after she managed to  outperform the 3000 children among the smartest in the world.

Noor, a sixth-grader, solved 235 sports issues in eight minutes before winning the first place in the field of mental mathematics at the July 2017 competition in Egypt. She was able to solve 244 questions in just 8 minutes;accordingly, she qualified for the global competition in Malaysia, according to the website "Cham".

It is noteworthy that Nour was  honored last year in Egypt for excellence in poetry and literature.


Lara Khouli