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Young Syrian Lady Gets Global Youth Leadership Award 2019 in Recognition of Her Efforts in Spreading Peace Culture

"I believe that peace doesn’t mean there aren’t any  wars, weapons or killings. Peace should be achieved at different levels, mainly  personally and socially. Peace is a goal in itself and a policy which we should follow to be reflected positively on the society”, Dr. Lama Drebati, a socialist activist and Head  of the” Peace Makers” civil society association in Lattakia province said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper .

Dr. Drebati has recently got the Global Youth Leadership Award (GYLA)  2019, submitted by   the Global Youth Parliament (GYP)  in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal as a global   recognition of her activity and contribution as a young Syrian lady working  in the peace domain and in serving humanity.

 The Nepal-based GYP is a youth organization, which works in 29 countries around the world to support young people. The GYLA award is given to two individuals ( one male and one female) from each country. This award from Nepal has been given to many countries so far.

The objective of the award is to inspire individuals from around the globe and recognize their contribution that had added value to creative endeavors in serving humanity.

 "The Global Youth Leadership Award  is an annual award that acknowledges and celebrates outstanding individuals from all over the world who contribute immensely to the political, social and economic life of their respective countries, ” Dr. Drebati said.

She underscored that the GYLA 2019 was presented to 50 young  individuals on the sideline of the GYP summit 2019 which was held with the aim of bringing together young leaders, innovators, peacemakers, youth activists and civil society pioneers from around the world in a single forum to share their contributions, experiences and knowledge on pertinent global issues .

She made it clear that Syria and Kuwait were the only Arab countries honored besides a number of foreign countries.

"I felt very proud as I represented my country together with another young Syrian called George Marrash  and got this award. The award is my message to the world that Syria is the country of peace and the Syrian youths are able to play a prominent role in the world even though individual initiatives because the Syrian youths are creative, skilled and talented," she said”.

When asked about her activities in the peace domain, Dr. Drebati said” I have been working in voluntary work since 2007 as I joined a number of  civil societies including “Autism”, “Disabled people and their friends”,  “the Syrian Trust for Development” and the "Red Crescent".

She went on to say “I established “Peace Makers” civil society association in Lattakia province in  2016 by the approval of the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry with the aim of enhancing and deepening the concept and values of peace”.

Dr. Drebati indicated that “ Peace Makers” has three programs heritage, art and peace as well as building and enhancing youth capacities and these programs are carried out by the association’s volunteers who are from different provinces.

"A number of activities and workshops were carried out by the association during the Syrian crisis including “candles for peace” initiative, which was carried out in a number of Syrian provinces to send a message to the world that despite the suffering and loses in every Syrian house, there is a lighted candle that represent the Syrians’ strong will to achieve peace”, Dr. Drebati added.

Highlighting the Syrian women important role in society, Dr. Drebati  said "the Syrian women play a vital and active role in spreading and preserving the culture of peace as well as in building the society, particularly after they have experienced a social crisis during the past eight years of war”.

It is worth to mention that the social activist is a pathologist at Tishreen University Hospital in Lattakia province, a facilitator to a number of youth and social programs in Syria as well as an artist. She is currently preparing for her own exhibition on “women haven’t spoken yet” in an attempt to link between medicine, art and social activity to attain peace at different levels.

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam