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Women in Business Conference "When She Leads" to Open in Lattakia on June 29th

Under the patronage of  Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mrs. Rima Qadiri, the Junior Chamber  International (JCI)  in Lattakia province and the Modernizing and Activating Women’s Role in Economic Development ( MAWRED)  Society will hold the Women in Business Conference ( When She Leads) on 29th of June at the La Mira Resort in Lattakia province.

A group of Syrian women with effective economic role in the Syrian society in addition to another group of women who are hopeful to join the world of business will take part in the two-days event.

The conference will include delivering specialized lectures on ensuring Syrian women’s entry into the business world in a more professional way to invest in small, medium-sized and big projects, on creating environment for communication among women as to share experiences and information and on encouraging economic partnerships and cooperation.

 The conference aims at shedding  light on Syrian businesswomen experiences, motivating and empowering women to establish their own businesses as to boost the country's economy and encouraging Syrian women to overcome the difficulties of the Syrian crisis and its negative impacts on the professional and socio-economic  life. It also aims at acquainting women with a range of administrative and planning skills to start their own projects and calling for positive change in the business world through promoting the idea of women's involvement in the economic field to encourage partnerships among them.

The conference is due to include a number of important topics in which experts and specialists will speak, including Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the Presidential political and Media  Advisor, who is the keynote speaker at the conference,  Egypt's Ambassador in Damascus, Dr. Mohammad Tharwat Salim, who will talk about Syrian women in the eyes of diplomacy,  the  specialist in development and planning, Dr Juma’a Hijazi,  and other concerned specialists.

 The conference is due to witness a wide participation of those interested in economic field.

It is worth to mention that MAWRED society, whose headquarters is in Damascus, was established in 2003 aiming to develop and reactivate Syrian women’s role in their country’s economic development and to create job opportunities for them.

The JCI  is a non-profit international network of active citizens aged between 18 and 40,  spread  internationally  in more than 120 countries around the world. It aims to provide development opportunities to enable youth to  create positive change in their societies.

Rawaa Ghanam