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Ministry of Social Affairs Opens Center to Provide Support for Abused Women

Violence against women and girls is an important public issue which constitutes a form of discrimination and a devastating violation of women fundamental freedom and rights.

 With the aim of providing temporary residence center for women, who are subjected to violence, a center for abused women was opened recently in Lattakia province in cooperation between the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Ministry, Lattakia province, the United Nations Development Program ( UNDP) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Shedding light on the center, the Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed Mr. Bashar Dandash, Director of Labor and Social Affairs in Lattakia.

"Women around the world are subjected to different forms of violence. Violence against women is a barrier to gender equality as well as women’s and girls’ empowerment and it impedes the achievement of the goals of sustainable development” Mr. Dadash said.

 Dandash pointed out that establishing  the center, which is the first of its kind in Lattakia,  is part of the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry's plan to reactivate its available infrastructure  to provide necessary service to all the community.

He made it clear that the new center will receive cases of women or girls who have been subjected to violence mainly physical, psychological, sexual, social and economic violence, adding that these cases will be hosted in the center for three months.

"The center provides temporary accommodation with equipped bedrooms and holds training workshops on some handicrafts such as sewing to improve women's socio-economic status and help them start a new life," Dandash said.

He underscored that a special staff, assigned by the ministry of Labor and Social Affairs ministry, is being trained to provide psychological and legal support to the women and to deal with their cases and try to resolve their problems peacefully.

"The building was designed according to specific functions in a way that ensures the privacy and safety of the abused women," according to Mr. Dandash.

 He indicated that the center was founded to provide a mechanism to strengthen the abused  women’s steadfastness and help them rebuild their lives in a safe manner.

"The center is a support initiative that seeks alleviating women’s suffering and providing assistance to women who fled the atrocities of terrorist groups in the countryside of Lattakia,” Mr. Dandash highlighted.

He pointed out that the establishment of the center for abused women is accompanied by the establishment of a vocational rehabilitation center for people with disabilities in the same building. Top priority will be given to wounded personnel of the Syrian Arab Army. This step helps provide job opportunities within the center or outside it.

 "Training courses and workshops on some jobs including sewing, hairdressing  and computer maintenance will be held in the center,” Mr. Dandash said.

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam