A New Government Gift for the War-Wounded in Homs

Homs, (ST)- A free dental clinic for the war wounded was recently opened by the Syrian Dentists’ Association at the headquarters of the “Steadfast Despite Wounds” Society.

The opening ceremony was attended by Head of Dentists’ Union in Syria Dr. Fadia Deeb, Director of Labor and Social Affairs Directorate in Homs, the head of Dentists’ Union in Homs, the wife of Homs Governor, a large number of dentists in Homs and a number of the wounded.

Dr. Deeb confirmed that this clinic will provide free medical services to the wounded with the presence of specialized dentists and volunteers under the supervision of the Association of Dentists.

On behalf of all the wounded in the governorate, the head and members of the “Steadfast Despite Wounds” Society expressed thanks to the Association of Dentists represented by Dr. Deeb for their great efforts to provide all the necessary medical services in the field of dentistry for the wounded who have offered great sacrifices for the sake of Syria's glory.


Amal Farhat - Homs