Honored Martyrs' Mothers: The Homeland's Peace and Stability Are More Precious than Our Sons' Blood

Marking Mother’s Day, the “Saedaat Souria Al-Kheer” Goup in Lattakia province recently held a ceremony to honor mothers of some Syrian Arab Army martyrs’ from different governorates.

Highlighting the event, the Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed some of the honored mothers and other participants who all underscored  that the Syrian women have been the symbol of steadfastness, patience and hope, stressing their determination to continue and complete the victories achieved thanks to the martyrs’ sacrifices in defense of the homeland.

  Homeland's security more precious than our sons' blood

Mrs. Hayat Ibrahim from Lattakia province, a mother of five martyrs, said in a statement to the "Syriatimes“ words fail to describe my feelings . My five sons were martyred while fighting the terrorists in Damascus countryside, Aleppo and Lattakia countryside. They offered their lives willingly and underestimated death to protect their country against terrorism."

“Syria is our life and every span of its soil is more precious than our sons. I feel proud that my sons watered the country’s sacred land with their blood”, she added.

Mrs. Khadeja Al-Saleh, a mother of two martyrs from Aleppo, said “my suffering is only part of the country’s huge suffering under the savage war on Syria. Fate has granted me the honor that my sons were martyred in Aleppo while carrying out their national duty”.

“ I have a son with special needs, I wish he could be able to be in the battle field. "We, as Syrian women in general, not only the martyrs’ mothers, should keep patient and continue our martyrs’ loyalty process to consolidate the principles on which the Syrians were brought up” she stressed.

Mrs. Amal Haider, member of the“ Saedaat Souria Al-Kheer” social group said in a statement to the "Syriatimes" e-newspaper that honoring martyrs’ mothers isn’t only a national and humanitarian duty to express appreciation over the martyrs’ great sacrifices, rather, it is about caring for the homeland and the families of the martyrs who offered their souls in defense of their beloved Syria.

She stressed that after the terrorist war on Syria many concepts have changed, indicating the Mother’s Day has become the Day of heroism, bravery and sacrifices.

Mrs. Haider made it clear that the group endeavors constantly to provide financial, humanitarian and medical aid to martyrs’ families as well as to the wounded army personnel as they are the living examples in society that serve as a role model for coming generation.

Lessons in steadfastness and bravery

"We hope to greet and honor all the martyrs’ mothers.  I really understand how painful this day is for them  because my mother experienced this suffering when my brother was martyred. It not possible to love the homeland without appreciating and honoring those who defend it," Mrs. Nour Al-Shegri, Member of the People's Assembly told Syriatimes e-newspaper.

She reaffirmed the fact that though they feel sad for the loss of their dearest ones, the martyrs' mothers give us numerous lessons in strong will, persistence, firmness, bravery and optimism for the future.

The MP underlined that the government attaches great importance to the martyrs’ families to meet their needs activate their role in society and help them get their own income to continue decent life.

Addressing the martyrs’ mothers in the event, Eng. Ghada Al-Assad, one of the participants, said “the Syrian blood is pure, sacred and great as the soil of our country’s land." 

She added that the martyrs’ blood and the steadfastness of the Syrian people have drawn the path leading to victory over terrorist organizations , indicating “it isn’t the first war and it won’t be the last on Syria, there are always conspiracies against Syria targeting its army, people and  civilization “.

Eng. Al-Assad pointed out that martyrs’ mothers didn’t lose when they scarified their sons in defense of their country because they won the homeland and the honor of martyrdom which is a bridge to victory.

Many Syrians lost their loved ones in the ongoing war against terrorists, they also lost their stability, security and even their houses, but they were determined to achieve victory and they did it through their patience and sacrifices.  

"We promise our martyrs that their blood, which watered the Syrian sacred soil , won’t be in vain as we will achieve full victory”, Eng Al-Assad concluded.

All the honored mothers underscored that the homeland’s peace and stability are more precious than their sons’ blood.

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam