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Exhibition Showcasing Syrian Women's Creative Skills Held in Lattakia Marking International Women’s Day

Marking International  Woman’s Day, the Modernizing and Activating Women’s Role in Economic Development (MAWRED) Society recently held an exhibition in Lattakia province for handicrafts and traditional industries with the participation of different economic activities from several Syrian provinces.

MAWRED Society, whose headquarter is in Damascus, was established in 2003 with the aim of "developing and reactivating Syrian women’s role in the country's economic development, creating job opportunities for them and empowering them to play an active role in pushing the economic process forward," Mrs. Yasmina Azhari, Head of "MAWRED" said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

 "We usually  hold  exhibitions and bazaars in Damascus, but this exhibition, which is the first of its kind in Lattakia, is a message to prove to the entire world that Syria have started to re-enjoy peace and stability and to show how strong, steadfast and determined  Syrian women are” Mrs. Azhari added.

She underlined the importance of the event as an economic activity in the light of Syria's recovery from the crisis and as an approach to help women market their handmade products. It also provides an opportunity for visitors to see the Syrian handmade and traditional industries which have a great value because they are made with high accuracy and skill.

Mrs. Azhari indicated that 26 Syrian women from different governorates  took part in the exhibition which showcased a variety of handicrafts including accessories, embroidery, brocade, silk, soap, ceramic, glass, copper, crochet, textiles, wood and paintings.

MAWRED helps women start their own business

She pointed out that within the framework of developing and promoting the Syrian women’s creative skills and talents as well as  reviving and preserving the handmade and traditional industries, for which Syria is famous, the society carries out training courses for the Syrian women to encourage them  to establish their own  business. She clarified that MAWRED ‘s forthcoming plan is to carry out small projects for the Syrian women in the countryside of all Syrian provinces. 

Mrs. Hanan Rezek, one of the participants in the exhibition  from Damascus, said to the Syriatimes “during the years of the war on Syria, I carried out my own small project that provides job opportunities for talented and creative Syrian women to produce homemade works including crochet, embroidery and leather products . I provide them with the raw materials and they can work at home”.

She highlighted the importance of this exhibition as it is a chance for Syrian women to exchange expertise and live the spirit of competition.

She stressed that  neither the crisis nor any difficult circumstances can undermine the Syrian women’s strong and vital role in society.

Women with special needs also took part in the exhibition.   

"The special needs of some girls were not a barrier preventing them from participating in the exhibition. They are very happy as they feel they are able to do something distinguished,”  Zeina Na’aoum , a supervisor at “ Basha’er Al-Nour” Society for people with special needs told Syriatimes.

She highlighted  that the society supports the talents of persons with special needs to enhance their self-confidence and encourage them to work, indicating that their participation included works of wool, candles, crochet, soap, desserts and accessories.

Some visitors told Syriatimes about their pride in the Syrian women’s capabilities to prove themselves in all domains. They stressed that despite the hard circumstances they have faced under the crisis, the Syrian women kept steadfast, patient and managed to shoulder their responsibility towards defending their country.

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam