Home-Based Manufacturing Units Project in Lattakia Aims at Empowering Syrian Rural Women

Syrian rural women play key role in their communities and they are one of the pillars of the Syrian agricultural economy because of their ability to manufacture and produce.

Within the framework of the government's plan to empower Syrian rural women, the Directorate of Agriculture in Lattakia has recently launched the home-based manufacturing units project in province countryside

“This project, which is the first of its kind in Syria, aims at empowering rural women through providing job opportunities, developing their capacities in food production, expanding their knowledge and information on product quality standards. It also aims at helping the women increase their income, by selling competitive products, and at enhancing their ability to market traditional food,” eng. Rabab Wardeh, Head of the Rural Women’s Development Department at the Directorate of Agriculture in Lattakia told the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

 She highly appreciated the government’s financial support for this project with the purpose of consolidating rural women’s role as productive members in society, especially after eight years of suffering caused by the crisis in Syria and that made many women the only breadwinners of their families.

 Wardeh made it clear that the project includes four home-based manufacturing units that provide necessary equipments and raw materials for the production process to make excellent food like dairy products, cheese, milk, jam, pickles, oil and concentrated juice in addition to soap and dry medical plants as well as many other household products which Syrian rural women can produce with high quality.

She pointed out that these products give them in return a decent income and provides the local markets with distinguished goods.

She stressed that the agriculture directorate seeks improving  the local community's condition, Besides, the home-based manufacturing units aim to enhance and protect the available natural resources in the countryside.

Wardeh underlined that the services provided by the Rural Women's Development Department include marketing and vocational support, holding training courses on launching small projects, marketing products, opening selling centers for the rural woman’s products, offering loans and participating in the exhibitions to show such works.

"The project itself is part of reconstruction in the country at all levels, because with the rural women’s talents, enthusiasm and energy as well as with their insistence to challenge their difficult circumstances, we can rebuild thoughts, personalities and societies and can enhance the self-confidence of the coming generation”, eng. Wardeh concluded.

Interviewed by: Rawaa Ghanam