Great Efforts Exerted to Support Syrian Youths' Creative Projects

Starting from their believe in the Syrian youths' influential role in society, several  Syrian civil society organizations and scientific parties have spared no effort to strengthen the capacities of creative Syrian youths through embracing a range of their distinguished thoughts, programs and projects to engage effectively in and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in the country.

These civil and scientific sides continue empowering the Syrian youths and work to turn their  dreams and visions into reality through providing  financial and administrative support as well as training as to guarantee the continuity and positive impacts of these projects.

Within this context,” the Syrian computer society(SCS) in Damascus works hard on ground to help a number of Syrian youths’ projects  come into reality and have developmental impact on ground. Last year, it succeeded in supporting seven projects and is expected to support the same number of projects this year”,  according to eng. Fadwa Murad , Head of the Communication and Information Technology (IT) incubator at the SCS.

 "These projects are financed according to the cooperation program, which the SCS signed with the United Nation Population Fund (UNPFA)”, Eng. Murad clarified in a statement to SANA correspondent.

She pointed out that the cooperation program provides for offering 1,500,000 SP to each project to be later a start-up company which is to be followed up by the SCS step by step.

Eng. Murad made it clear that the projects are chosen through the Entrepreneurship Training Program, which was launched in 2017 in Damascus, Homs and Lattakia. Six projects were financed before the program expands to include Aleppo and Tartous in 2018,she said, stressing that the Entrepreneurship Training Program continues through meeting with a number of youths to propose creative ideas and projects to the business incubator at the SCS.

"Projects which are based on using communication and information technology (IT) in all fields are usually re-evaluated," she said, referring to a recently  chosen project which is a clever stick for blind people and another one represented in designing a mouse for disabled persons which is put into the head and is moved by the tongue..

On her part, Rasha Al-Azem from the Syrian Enterprise and business center (SEBC) said to SANA correspondent that “ the center, through its partnership with the UNPFA , carried out a number of small and medium-sized  economic and developmental projects”. She stressed that these projects aim at supporting the youths, enabling them to carry out their own projects as well as qualifying them to enter the job market.

Al-Azem clarified that the SEBC, over the past year supported a number of projects including “ Jalseh” ( session) project , which is based on getting knowledge aiming to build-up capacities and disseminate awareness of the youths on topics chosen to be discussed among youths online.

She pointed out that last year, the center also carried out the project of empowering women in Aleppo province, making it clear that a number of women were trained and became able to carry out 16 projects on recycling, soap manufacturing as well as different handmade works.  These projects are due to be followed up this year after training the women on marketing process and to know how successful these projects are.

It is worth mentioning that the SEBC  is a Syrian-non- profit center , which was established in 2006 in Damascus as a non-governmental-organization (NGO). The SEBC is a pioneering national establishment , which concentrates on supporting the national economy through implementing a number of projects and socio-economic activities.

The SECB’s incubator was established in 2007 to support the entrepreneurs , the Syrians’ skillful capacities and providing job opportunities for all.

Rawaa Ghanam