Lattakia's Artificial Intelligence Club a Platform to Get Youths Involved in Syria’s Rebuilding

 "Since the invention of computer, its capability to perform various tasks went on growing exponentially . The artificial intelligence (AI) is a main branch of the computer science that deals with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computer and react like human beings” eng. Hasan Dayoub , Head of the Artificial Intelligence Club of the  Syrian Computer Society (SCS) Lattakia’s branch and Dean of the International  School of Artificial Intelligence in Lattakia said in an interview with the Syriatimes e- newspaper.

 The AI club recently participated in the three-day Global Techstars Startup Weekend  AI Beirut event, organized by the AI club in Beirut in cooperation with the global startup weekend artificial intelligence (GSWAI).

About the event, Dayoub said that Lattakia’s AI club is very proud of taking part in this event, which provided contacts between entrepreneurs, organizing teams and startup communities around the world.

"It was an important experiential learning opportunity for marketers, designers, entrepreneurs and other concerned bodies to  create business and carry out joint projects in the field of AI," according to Dayoub.

 He made  it clear that the Beirut event focused on action , education, innovation,  meeting high quality and Leaders of Entrepreneurship, as well as how to launch a business using the artificial intelligence since the AI achieves more accurate results with low cost and less labor force .

"Beirut event was a remarkable chance for Lattakia’s AI club to see on ground others’ experiences  and what they have achieved in this connection,“ Dayoub said, adding “over the 56-trainig hours in the event, participants brought and exchanged their ideas  and experiences while receiving valuable feedback from top- qualified experts  with the aim of boosting joint cooperation to organize new events, symposiums  workshops and training courses with wide Arab and international participation”.

Dayoub indicated that Lattakia’s AI club’s participation presented a  project on the importance of teaching artificial intelligence for kids in an interactive way to support kids’ self-learning.

He highly appreciated the honorary award given to Lattakia’s AI team in addition to the warm hospitality of the Beirut AI club members’ as they expressed their readiness to provide all forms of support for Lattakia’s AI club including scholarships to study at the Lebanese universities, among which is the American University in Beirut, as well as other cooperation chances in the field of artificial intelligence.

Dayoub pointed out that the artificial intelligence is already shaping many fields. Its effect may be even more significant and it could mean the end of a number of routine jobs and create more innovative jobs that necessitate the artificial intelligence .

He stressed the fact that the artificial intelligence is the future and the Syrian youths are talented, creative and skillful but they are in need for eliminating all the barriers to the development and wide use of artificial intelligence in all domains as well as for empowering them and helping them be entrepreneurs in achieving sustainable development in their society.

Artificial Intelligence Club a platform for Syrian youths to gain influence and get involved in Syria’s rebuilding

On her part , Head of the SCS Lattakia’s branch, Eng . Mariam Fayoud told the Syriatimes that the SCS branch in Lattakia established several clubs mainly the robotics, programming and artificial intelligence which are an advanced concept and important for today’s society to keep the lines of communication open and to cope with the world development in the field of information technology (IT) through holding training courses, workshops lectures and symposiums.

She stressed the fact that the club, which is fully youth-led, is platforms for Syrian youths to gain influence and get involved in Syria’s rebuilding. They strengthen the youths' capacities and encourage their creativity and innovation.

 "Because the artificial intelligence is an area of computer science which emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans,  Lattakia’s branch of the SCS established  in September the AI club which is the first of its kind in Syria,” Fayoud said.

She stressed the fact that the AI club aims at spreading the culture of AI in society, at increasing the level of AI applications of the individuals concerned in a professional way to meet their needs and at making investors and businessmen aware of the importance of making use of AI in their projects.

Fayoud affirmed the SCS Lattakia branch's commitment and responsibility to working hard on ground to as to fulfill its promises and achieve its goals to the fullest to support  the Syrian young generation to embody their dreams and reach international levels in all domains.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam