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First Lady Takes Part in Aamal Celebration Marking International Day of People with Disabilities

First Lady, Mrs. Asama Al-Assad on Monday participated in a celebration held by the Syrian Organization for Persons with Disabilities "Aamal" to highlight the importance of early detection of hearing disabilities and to stress the role of parents and support institutions in this issue.

   The celebration, which was held marking International Day of People with Disabilities under the title ""Discover It Early", included theatrical performances and videos on the importance of integration between the role of parents and the role of concerned organizations and institutions in early detecting and diagnosing children hearing disabilities and in choosing suitable treatment methods.  

An overview on the functional, psychological and motor rehabilitation provided by Aamal trainers and experts was also presented.

The shows focused on high success rates achieved in treatment after early detection of hearing disabilities. Emotional videos of children at the first moments they restored hearing after Cochlear implant surgeries, were screened.

The celebration also included the distribution of graduation certificates to a new batch of Master's degree students specialized in dealing with speech and language problems. It is the fifth batch that is graduated from this Master 's program which was launched by "Aamal" in cooperation with Damascus University as to supply concerned institutions with new qualified cadres.

Mrs. Asma al-Assad also visited a painting exhibition held for ten "Aamal" children as well as 10 plastic artists. The paintings expressed hope and optimism about future. The activity stresses the importance of integrating children with special needs in society and affirms the responsibility of society towards this category of children.

Hamda Mustafa