Russian Universities Seek Cooperation with Syrian Counterparts to Support Rebuilding Higher Education in Syria

The Russian Culture Centre in Beirut and the Russian Culture Centre in Damascus held recently an Educational Introductory exhibition to introduce the activities of the higher education system in Russia. Delegations representing most important Russian universities took part in the event which was held at the Central Library of Tishreen University in Lattakia province.

 "We are so proud and have the honor to hold such exhibition in Syria, as it is the first of its kind in the Middle East and it comes within the framework of consolidating the Syrian-Russian cooperation in the field of higher education and scientific research”, Dr. Vadim Zaichikov, Chairman of the Russian Culture Centre in Beirut and supervisor of the Russian Culture Centre in Damascus said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

He pointed out that this educational event focused on presenting introductory activities about the system of education in Russia and the specializations offered by the Russian higher educational establishments. It also focused on educational scholarships offered by the Russian government for foreign students.

 Dr. Zaichikov described the Syrian-Russian relations as strategic and historical, especially in the cultural and educational domains, stressing that the exhibition is an important chance to deepen cooperation and enhance cultural and educational exchange between the two countries.

He stressed the importance of reactivating cooperation between the Syrian higher education ministry and the Russian universities in wider fields as the two sides are working hard to form a joint committee for accepting university students, exchanging students and professors as well as signing a cooperation program that serves the two countries' benefit.

"following the great victory Syria has achieved against terrorism,  the Russian government is ready to support rebuilding Syria in the higher education process”  Dr. Zaichikov said.

500 scholarships to Syrian students

He clarified that it is the first visit for such a great number of representatives of Russian universities to Tishreen university in Lattakia province, indicating that 500 scholarships  were offered to the Syrian students by the Russian government and a cooperation agreement was signed between Tishreen University and some of the Russian universities.

On his part, Dean of the Faculty of Training Foreign Students at the Russian State University of Oil and Gas Alexey N. Bokov told the Syriatimes that this exhibition is a golden opportunity for Syria and Russia to exchange expertise in different specializations as to develop and reactivate the Syrian national economy, particularly in the field of oil excavation.

Bokov affirmed the need that the Syrian students be briefed on the Russian universities different specializations, especially those which are not available in Tishreen University.

Svetlana Tagieva , Representative of the Finance and Banks University in Moscow said to the Syriatimes that this event is of great importance for boosting the Syrian-Russian ties, particularly in higher education,  as well as for providing  the Syrian students with several opportunities to choose the specialization they want to study.

She expressed hope that this event will not be the last to be held in Syria, stressing the necessity of holding such events periodically .

On his part, Dr. Bassam Hasan, Rector of Tishreen University highly appreciated the Syrian-Russian deep relations in higher education, hailing the role of the Russian cultural center in supporting rapprochement between the two countries.

Dr. Hasan asserted that this exhibition paved the way for more cooperation and exchange of expertise between Tishreen University and the world-famous Russian universities, lauding their pivotal role in preparing well-qualified Syrian cadres.

 Prof. Abdul Karim Mohammad, Dean of the Higher Institute of Marine Research, who is also a professor at the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Sciences, said to that the event has enabled concerned Syrian students to be briefed on the way to join the Russian universities of different specializations such as engineering, sciences, finance, information technology IT, gas and oil excavation, medicine..etc.

Pro. Mohammad highly valued the Russian universities’ desire to support the Syrian students and making this exhibition a success.


Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam