Syrian Women's Effective Role in their Country's Political, Economic and Social Life Hailed

MOSCOW, (ST)- Syria is participating in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum which kicked off its activities on Wednesday in St Petersburg. The event lasts till September 21st .

A number of participants in the forum said that the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic's delegation  in the Eurasian Women's Forum is very important, because it affirms Syria's victory over terrorism following an unjust war imposed on the Syrian people during the past eight years.

They hailed Syrian women's effective role in the political, economic, social and cultural life of their country and at regional and international gatherings, stressing that Syrian women's role is not less important than that of their counterparts in developed countries.

 The participants pointed out that the Syrian women are present in several decision-making positions. They are active and armed with knowledge and they have been side by side with men in defending the homeland.  

Speaker of the Russian Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, who opened the forum, talked about problems facing women of the world and about means to overcome the challenges that harm women's rights and the life of women and their children.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia made a speech at the forum hailing women's key role in the social, economic and educational life of any country. He talked about states' tasks in supporting maternity and childhood programs.

Putin called for solving the problem of inequality between men and women and for eliminating the obstacles hindering women's work. He stressed that the more successes women achieve the more benefits humanity will get.

The forum is organized by the Russian Federation Council and the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS, with support from a number of ministries, agencies and NGOs.

Hamda Mustafa