“Al-Sham Jasmine” for Physiotherapy in Homs

Under the patronage of Mrs. Rima Al Qadri, Minister of Labor  and Social Affairs and in the presence and Eng. Samar al-Sibai, Director of Labor  and Social Affairs in Homs, (Al-Sham Jasmine) Center for Physical Therapy has been recently opened in Homs at the headquarter of   “Steadfast Despite Wounds” Association. The center which is the first of its kind in Homs governorate for physiotherapy and rehabilitation will receive all wounded in the province.

To view the center and know   about the services it will provide to the injured, The Syria Times e-newspaper met Mr. Abdul Kareem Al-Mohammed, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who said: "We have recently opened the center, which is considered the first of its kind in Homs in terms of modernity and distinction.


The Center  includes a dynamic hall and an electrical hall equipped with the latest equipment and technology. The center is staffed by eight volunteer physiotherapist , a nutritionist, where an accurate nutritional follow-up is given to the  patients in addition to nurse to change the bandages in cases where this is required.”

The center receives all kinds of injuries for the wounded of both the military who were wounded in the fighting and the civilians who were wounded by the terrorist bombings.”

Mr. Al-Mohammed  went on to say: “From 8 to 28 July,  some of 46 injured were treated for various injuries, including amputation, paralysis, quadriplegia, neurological damage and slippage. Treatment is done within the center only .The number of sessions was 131 sessions, the duration of the session ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours; transport is insured within the city of Homs for patients with quadriplegic paralysis who are unable to move”.

He added: “The Society, in cooperation with the Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development, the Patriarchate of Antioch and the East, has distributed 24 wheelchairs, 8 air mattresses, 6 walkers and 5 crutches to those who are in need”.

“Great thanks to everyone who provided support and assistance to serve our wounded, Syria's wounded ,God heal them,” Mr. Mohammed concluded.


Amal Farhat - from Homs to the Syria times