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Massive Efforts Being Exerted to Care for Martyrs’ Families and People with Disability

Though they are deprived of the pleasure of enjoying normal life, disabled people can achieve great success if they are given enough opportunities, so people must not look down on these persons as social burden, Head of “The Disabled and Their Friends” Society in Syria's Lattakia province, Mrs. Firyal Akili, told Syriatimes e-newspaper during the society's annual carnival held recently to support disabled people as well as martyrs' mothers and children. 

"Disabled persons must be encouraged to face life boldly and feel that life still holds the charm for them," Akili said, stressing that these people can be usefully employed in various crafts and vocations befitting them.  

According to Akili, participants in the carnival are some martyrs’ mothers and people with disabilities who exhibit their products of handicrafts and who want to prove to others that despite the challenges produced by the crisis, they are able to be effective in their society, improve their income and support national economy.

The open-air carnival included a handicrafts exhibition, artistic shows and other entertainment activities. The exhibition showcased accessories, crochet works, clothes, embroideries, paintings and different textile works made by the participants. The event's proceeds went to supporting the martyrs’ families and people with disability.

 Some members representing “Om Al-Shahid” (Martyr’s Mother) Group in Damascus led by Member of the People's Assembly Janset Kazan, who is also the group's head and Chairwoman of the Assembly's Martyrs and Victims of War Committee, attended the carnival.

The Disabled and Their Friends Society was established in 2006 with the approval of the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry. It is a non-profit society that works on ground in Lattkia province to provides services to  people with disability from all Syrian provinces.

The society covers cases of disability including tetraplegia, triple paralysis , poliomyelitis, paraplegia and amputation, according to Akili, who clarified that some of the disabled persons are born with disability, others have lost limbs or sense organs due to some diseases, whereas, others are victims of terrorist acts. She said that the current crisis caused disability especially to army personnel who got wounded in criminal acts perpetrated by armed terrorist groups, the matter which necessitated social and psychological rehabilitation.

Mrs. Akili clarified that philanthropy and social well-being are the society’s primary objectives as it works on ground to provide financial support as well as humanitarian and medical services to the disabled, including wheelchairs, medicines and free surgeries and to ensure suitable work opportunities for them.

“Disabled people should get the emotional, financial and physical support from the society and should get enough opportunity to sharpen their skills and bring out the amazing hidden talents” she concluded.

On her part, MP Janset Kazan, Head of “Om Al-Shahid” (Martyr’s Mother) Group in Damascus spoke to the Syriatimes about the group's participation in the Carnival, saying "we aim at empowering the martyrs’ mothers psychologically and financially by introducing their products. She underscored the need to revive handicrafts through which most of the women are supporting their families.

Despite challenges, the Syrians continue learning, working and seeking development

The terrorist war imposed on Syria has had destructive impacts, but despite the bad circumstances, the Syrian people continue learning, working and seeking development, she said, clarifying that during the ongoing crisis many children, even whole families, were injured at homes, schools or workplaces and became disabled, the most noble of all are the wounded army personnel and its supporting forces. She stressed that caring for martyrs' families and the wounded army personnel is a humanitarian duty.

The MP made it clear that under the directives of H.E President Bashar Al-Assad and H.E Mrs. Asma Al-Assad , the first lady of Syria , the state’s establishments and all the bodies concerned have exerted unremitting efforts to accord necessary social care for the families of the martyrs and for the wounded army personnel as to meet their basic needs.

MP Janset underscored that according to the government’s available resources,  the martyrs’ families and the wounded army personnel are given top priority in getting job opportunities, services, long-term free medical treatment as well in financial support to carry out small projects that may alleviate their suffering.

She praised the remarkable cooperation between the government’s establishments and civil society organizations in all domains to overcome the crisis Syria has been going through.

The MP expressed pride in the pivotal role played Syrian women during the crisis, pointing out that many of them have joined voluntary work at all levels as to take care of the martyrs’ families and the wounded army personnel.

Mrs. Janset underlined some measures adopted to empower the Syrian women’s socio-economic status, especially those who were subjected to various forms of transgression , to help them regain confidence in their ability to overcome the repercussion of the crisis and start a new life.

" Syrian women have proved during the crisis that each one of them is Khansaa, Ashtar and Zanobia of the century because of their steadfastness and patience” Mrs. Janset said, affirming that mothers, wives and daughters of martyrs are determined to complete the victories and achievements made thanks to the martyrs' sacrifices in defense of the homeland

As a mother of a martyr, Mrs. Janset called on all Syrian women to bring up their children on national values, strong will, steadfastness and faithfulness to their homeland's sacred soil which has been watered by martyrs’ blood.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam