Wounded Soldiers Recount Their Experiences

Over the past seven years of the unjust terrorist war imposed on Syria, many people, civilians and military personnel were martyred and many others got injured and became disabled. Thus, tremendous efforts by the government and civil society were needed to provide assistance to families of the martyrs and to the injured persons.

The Syriatimes e-newspaper met some injured army personnel and affected people to shed light on their heroism:   

Injured Colonel Ali Mohammad Sa’eed, who is known among his colleagues as the hawk of the infantry (ground troops) faculty in Aleppo province, told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that “Jabhet al-Nusra” terrorist group attacked the faculty in 12/12/2012 and during the clashes he was seriously injured.

He added that "my friends took me to the faculty’s dispensary to be treated, but fierce battles took place there so I was transferred to the central prison to get medical treatment. Also, the armed groups attacked the prison, kidnapped me and took me to a hospital run by the "Doctors Without Borders" organization (Médecins Sans Frontières). The terrorists tried to kill me by giving me potassium injections, the effect of which may cause sudden death, but thanks to God’s will, the injections were a sort of cure to my health condition as my body was in dire need for potassium due to heavy bleeding."

  "It is God’s will to stay alive," he noted.

Colonel Sa’eed highly appreciated efforts exerted by the state’s wise leadership and concerned security bodies to get him released from the terrorists' abduction.

“Thanks to the Syrian Arab Army’s sacrifices, great victory over takfiri terrorists has been achieved. We are proud of all the Syrian martyrs who offered their lives to save their beloved country and we promise them that their blood which watered the Syrian sacred soil won’t be in vain” the Colonel said.

Mrs. Reem Asef, on her part, told the Syriatimes that fate has granted her the honor to be the wife of a martyr.

 "My husband, Rabe’ Sa’ed Eddin, was martyred in Lattkia countryside in 5/6/2016. Like other Syrian soldiers, he fought to keep the homeland safe," she said, stressing that martyrdom is a bridge to victory and that the Syrian Arab Army is the most successful fighting force against the extremist terrorist groups.

 Reem pointed out that she was pregnant in her seventh month of pregnancy when her husband was martyred. She later gave birth to three twins.

"Although I have faced difficulties and bad circumstances being the only breadwinner to my family, I feel proud of my husband and of all the Syrian martyrs. Yes, we feel sad for losing our dearest ones, but we never feel sorrow because our martyrs don’t fail, rather, they rise to the glory by their martyrdom,” Reem said, asserting that Syrian women are a symbol of steadfastness, hope and patience.

She highly valued the great role played by the “Om Al-Shahid” (Martyr’s Mother ) Group in Lattakia to provide financial, humanitarian and medical aid for her and for the wounded and martyrs’ families.

Another story of a wounded hero army personnel is that of soldier Ref’at Omran Asad from the countryside of Hama. He told the newspaper that he was injured in a blast of an explosive device in Palmyra while he was carrying out his national duty. The blast led to cutting off his two legs and his left hand".

"I am not rich by money, nor by properties, but by my love to my homeland and its people. The soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army have defended the country by their souls and bodies. They are those persons who don’t own but their blood and soul to give for their homeland”.

The wounded soldier clarified that “Om al-Shahid” Group has spared no effort as to offer him free medical services as well as psychological and financial support to carry out his own small project”.

On her part, Mrs. Kafa Kan’an, Head of “Om Al-Shahid” Group in Lattakia said that in appreciation of the great sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army in defense of the homeland against  terrorism, the Group has been exerting unremitting efforts to ensure a dignified life for martyrs’ families in Lattakia and providing all kinds of aid for the wounded soldiers  as well as for the families affected by the terrorist groups.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam