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Technical and Vocational Education Backs National Economy, Facilitates Youths' Access to Labor Market

 Technical and vocational education in Syria has been given special attention by the Syrian government due to its close link to labor market and important role in supporting national economy.

Within this framework, the central annual exhibition for vocational and technical education was recently held in Lattakia province to present the innovations and works of the students of all vocational and technical education schools and institutes in Lattkia and its countryside. 

To shed light on the exhibition and the importance of vocational and technical education,  "Syriatimes" e-newspaper interviewed Deputy Director of Education for Vocational and Technical Education in Lattakia, Eng. Na’ema Hamood, the direct supervisor of the three-day exhibition which was held under the title “Souria Arous Al-Majd” (Syria is the pride of glory).

 Technical and vocational education plays notable role in supporting national economy, enhancing the skills and innovative abilities of students to qualify them to enter the job market and have their own income and to help them take part in rebuilding their country, according to Eng. Na'ema.

"The exhibition aims at disseminating the culture of vocational and technical education as a basic need to build society and support national economy. It is a unique opportunity to highlight the students’ works resulted from comprehensive vocational and technical education provided by specialized, skilled and well- qualified training  and teaching staff," Eng. Na'ema said.

She  pointed  out that the students were inspired and motivated to present their inventions, noting that the exhibition helped stimulate their innovative and creative thinking, which was clear in their works.

The varied exhibits covered mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, informatics and mechatronics domains and medical equipments maintenance in addition to the areas of sewing, painting, textile, recycling materials, air conditioning and agricultural tools, she made it clear.

She went on saying that to voice their solidarity with their lovely country in the face of the recent tripartite hostile aggression carried out by the USA, France and Britain, the participating students sent a message to the world through an art work which is a painting showing the three countries as a wild animal with three heads and a Syrian Arab Army hero is smashing the animal heads under his boots.

Na'ema pointed out that the exhibits showed the great talents of the participants, noting that the works impressed visitors from all the society’s categories.

Eng. Na’ema indicated that the exhibition was a precious opportunity for participants to exchange thoughts and expertise with students and teaching staff of schools of other provinces, especially because Lattakia province has hosted displaced people from Lattakia countryside as well as from other Syrian provinces where violence, caused by the armed terrorist groups, occurred.

She highly valued the Education Ministry’s unremitting efforts to support the vocational and technical teaching through offering facilities, ensuring laboratories, training workshop centers, necessary equipment as well as through constantly changing the curriculum to cope with up-to-date development.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam