Syrian Family Planning Association in Lattakia

The Syrian Family Planning Association (SFPA) in Lattakia province is a leading civil voluntary agency playing a pivotal role in promoting awareness about family planning, improving the Syrian family’s conditions in all the Syrian provinces and deepening the family planning concept as one of the basic rights of human beings, according to Ghayath Zaybok, the SFPA Executive Director.

It spares no effort to encourage scientific research and studies on reproductive health plus family planning and to carry out training  courses, symposiums and workshops on these topics, Zaybok told Syriatimes e-newspaper, affirming the importance of voluntary work and cooperation by all categories of the Syrian society to face the challenges produced by the ongoing crisis in Syria particularly relating to population issues and family planning.

 "Via its clinics and mobile medical teams, the association’s priority is keen on rendering extensive free health medical services for women and children, providing legal, psychological and social consultations and holding various kinds of training courses on family issues," he made it clear.

Mr. Zaybok pointed out that within the framework of sustainable development program, the SFPA youth and women empowerment centers exert great efforts on ground to hold symposiums and workshops on issues that concern youths as well as training courses for women on first-aid, sewing, hairdressing, illiteracy, textiles and other domains with the purpose of supporting Syrian women economically and socially to help them increase their incomes.

Cooperation with International Organizations

He added through its cooperation with the international organizations operating in Syria including the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and UNICEF in addition to other government and civil society parties as the National Union of Syrian Students, the Revolution Youth Union, the Mosaic for Human Relief and Development and the Syrian Commission on Family Affairs, the SFPA drew up social protection policies, carried out awareness campaigns, workshops and symposiums as the Syrian community faces a number of major sexual and reproductive health (SRH) challenges including the gender-based-violence(GBV).

Mr. Zaybok said "as the ongoing crisis in Syria is laying heavy burdens on the Syrian society and produced new cases of violations against women in Syria, who are now falling victims to human trafficking, the SFPA exerts remarkable efforts to help women affected by terrorism and deal with the ramifications of the trauma they experienced, especially those who are subjected to various forms of violence.

He indicated that in partnership with Lattakia health directorate, the social and labor affairs directorate, the higher committee of relief in Lattakia and the Syrian Trust for Development in Lattakia province, health services and medicines were offered to the displaced citizens at the makeshift centers.

"A number of activities were also carried  out at the makeshift centers including training courses, workshops and symposium to raise awareness about health issues to combat some diseases and to alleviate the negative impacts of the current crisis.” Mr. Zaybok added.

He hailed the key role played by the SFPA’S mobile medical teams, especially the team in charge of caring for children, in following up the situations of displaced families, offering free health medical services as well as carrying out vaccination campaigns

Urgent measures by SFPA to face impacts of terrorists' crimes against Syrian families

Mr. Zaybok clarified that violations and crimes committed by takfiri terrorist groups against Syrian families necessitate urgent and immediate measures by the SFPA.

‘’In this regard, the SFPA met the liberated women from the countryside of Lattakia, who were subjected to various forms of transgression, with the aim of supporting them physically and psychologically as well as helping them regain confidence in their ability to overcome the repercussion of the crisis, improve their socio-economic statues and start a new life’’. Mr. Zaybok clarified.

He said that marking the celebration of  the International Women’s Day, the SFPA participated in many activities held in cooperation with government and civil society associations. Workshops, symposiums and lectures were delivered on topics relating to family planning, combating Gender-Based Violence, eliminating all forms of violence against women, enhancing reproductive health, woman and the importance of education, women and the law and the right of inheritance.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam