Foreign-Backed Terror War on Syria Fails to Undermine Syrian Women’s Steadfastness

Despite all attempts by conspirators against Syria to distort the image of Syrian women and to weaken them during the ongoing terror war, which is entering its eight year on March 15, women in Syria have proved to the whole world that they are able to be real and active partners in fighting terrorism and rebuilding the country.

The Syrian women have made significant contributions to building institutions during the times of peace and war. They are the bearers of knowledge and human resources management , Minister of administrative Development Dr. Salam Saffaf said during a speech she delivered during a celebration held on Thursday at the headquarters of the Ministry to mark the International Women’s Day (IWD).

 She described Syrian martyrs’ mothers as ‘oak trees’ because they receive their martyrs with ululates and they support the Syrian army in fighting terrorism.

On her part, the Syrian Member of Parliament Janset Qazan told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the sidelines of the celebration that the Syrian women had participated in fighting the French occupation and that the first Arab female physician was graduated from Damascus University.

“Syrian women have offered sacrifices. One or more of their sons as well as their husbands were martyred during the ongoing terror war on Syria, but they remained steadfast. Without Syrian women’s steadfastness and their support for their sons to defend the country, Syria would not remain steadfast,” she added, pointing out that Syria is facing unprecedented terror war targeting everything in the country.  

“We will go ahead with defending our homeland and we will teach our children how to defend it till achieving victory,” the MP said, asserting that the government is interested in rebuilding the way of thinking of the Syrian youths and children, who were exposed to the war.

Qazan indicated that a lot of women turned to be breadwinners due to the absence of their sons and husbands. “We, parliamentarians, take part in workshops to empower women in rural areas through making microenterprises with the support of the government.The rural areas were targeted by terrorist organizations within the framework of the systematic war being waged on the country. ”

She affirmed that the Syrian government cares about women and children, who were living in terrorists-held areas. It provides them with all types of support after the liberation of any area.

“I am a mother of a martyr and I always say that women can play a key role in stopping the shedding of blood and the war because they are the ones who tolerate,” Qazan said, calling on women all over the world to unify against injustice.

She saluted the mothers of martyrs and the mothers of soldiers, who are fighting foreign-backed terrorists in the country.

“I am proud of my Syrian identity and patriotism,” the MP concluded.

The patriotism of Syrian women was also clear in the statement of a mother of 5 martyrs, Ghada al-Shaddad, who told us that she is proud of the martyrdom of her sons, who were defending the homeland.

 “No dignity without homeland… Syria faces a US-Zionist conspiracy…Our enemy is the Zionist entity [Israel],” she said, calling on the misled persons who are still carrying weapons against the Syrian army to wake up .

On his part, Major General Nebal Bader asserted that the current war on the country made the Syrian women stronger, pointing out that the Syrian women have occupied high-ranking positions throughout history.

The Syrian Director Al-Mohannad Kalthoum, who attended the celebration, told us that the role of women in art, politics and social life has increased during the war. “Women represent the whole society and they are the source of continuity of life. I made a documentary of two parts about how Syrian women faced the difficulties during the war,” he said.

15 woman officials, including mothers of martyrs, were honored in the celebration, which included speeches, a short documentary entitled ‘Syrian woman, story of success’, and musical performance reflecting the Syrian heritage.

Happy International Women’s Day to brave Syrian women

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour