Martyrs' Families: Martyrdom a Bridge to Victory

In appreciation of the heroic achievements and great sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army in defense of the homeland against takfiri terrorism, the "Saedaat Souria Al-Kheer" Group in Lattakia province recently held a ceremony to honor some Syrian army martyrs' families and wounded army personnel.

Highlighting the event, the Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed some of the participants who all stressed the importance of backing the hero Syrian Arab army, the protector of the homeland, by working on ground to provide moral and material support for the wounded soldiers and the martyrs' families as well as for the families affected by the terrorism of the takfiri armed gangs. 

  Mrs. Amal Haider, one of "Saedaat Souria Al-Kheer" members, stressed the group's commitment to taking care of martyrs' families, indicating that honoring those families is a constitutional, legal, ethical and humanitarian duty.

"The group was established by several women to express solidarity with their beloved Syria, which has been passing through hard circumstances over the past seven years because of the foreign-backed terrorist war on the country," Mrs. Haidar said, pointing out that Syria has always been an example of diversity, strength, amity and the good.

She added that the group aims to boost Syrian women's role as a key partner of the government in alleviating the repercussions of the crisis on the Syrians through different means including voluntary work".

She made it clear that the group endeavors to work on ground in Lattakia and its countryside to provide financial, humanitarian and medical aid to martyrs' families and to carry out free surgeries for wounded soldiers. It also organizes visits to the Syrian Arab Army positions at different fronts as well as to the injured soldiers at hospitals to provide both material and moral support for those heroes, she said, noting cooperation with all national and youth organizations to carry out development projects aiming at providing financial and psychological support for affected families.

We will live and die in Syria.

On her part, Eng. Ghada Al-Assad, one of the participants in the event said "we, as Syrian women and as mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of the Syrian martyrs, are determined to continue and complete the victories and achievements made thanks to their sacrifices in defense of the homeland."

"Words fail to describe the heroism of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives willingly and underestimated death to protect their country against terrorism," She affirmed, noting that thanks to the Syrian Army heroes, many Syrians countrywide are safe inside their areas and that the fraternity, tolerance and cohesion among the Syrians have fortified them against discord.

According to Eng. Al-Assad, "the Syrian women have proved during the crisis that each one of them is the Khansaa of the century because of their steadfastness and patience and their determination to bring up the generations on national values, on strong will and on steadfastness."

"We promise our martyrs that their blood, which watered the Syrian sacred soil, won't be in vain. We will triumph and will live and die in Syria," she concluded.

Martyrdom is a bridge to victory

Mrs. Sanaa Hamood, the wife of martyr, Major General Ali Ahmed Dayyob, who was martyred in a battle in Raqqa province, said that her husband, like other Syrian soldiers, fought to keep the homeland safe, stressing that "martyrdom is a bridge to victory and the Syrian Arab Amy is the most successful fighting force against the extremist terrorist groups".

"Martyrs are those heroes who hold on their faith in the face of the overwhelming force. We are proud of all the Syrian martyrs who sacrificed themselves and offered their blood to save their beloved Syria, she said, asserting that the Syrian woman is the symbol of steadfastness, hope, patience and tolerance.

She said "Islam is innocent of the terrorist groups who are killing, assassinating and beheading in the name of religion. They distorted Islam, the religion of tolerance and justice.".

Mrs. Ghada Shaheen, a Red Crescent volunteer, said " fate has granted me the honor to be the wife of martyr, Major General Hassan Morshed Dayyoub and the mother of martyr, First Lieutenant Haidara Hassan Dayyoub."

She pointed out that her husband was martyred in 21-5-2105 in a battle near Al-Tanf crossing at the Iraqi borders and five months after, her son was martyred in Aleppo, stressing that her suffering is only part of the country's huge suffering under the war.

She pointed out that Syria has been an example of diversity, strength and the good and Syrians have given numerous lessons in bravery, unity, dignity, honor and humanitarian work.

"The Syrians realized the value of martyrdom so they offered thousands of martyrs for Syria's freedom, independence and dignity," she said, asserting that "though I am a wife of a martyr and a mother of amartyr, I am still able to turn despair into hope and sadness into optimism."

Addressing all the martyrs of Syria, Shaheen said "Rest in Peace heroes. Yes, we feel sad for losing our dearest ones, but we never feel sorrow, because our martyrs don't fall they rise to the glory by their martyrdom."

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam