Executive Framework for International Humanitarian Organizations Activities in Syria

Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat has stressed that an executive framework was agreed on with the international humanitarian organizations acting in Syria and local civil society associations to implement their relief activities in Syria according to certain standards specified by the Syrian government.

 Al-Shammat, who was speaking during the meeting of the Higher Relief Committee on Thursday, said the agreement with international organizations will be one of the committee's top priorities based on transparent standards, pointing out that the ministry plans to enhance partnership with the Local Administration Ministry concerning relief activities.

Minister of State for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) Joseph Sweid stressed the Ministry's keen efforts to guarantee the return of displaced Syrian families staying in refugee camps outside Syria through holding contacts with the Red Crescent societies of the hosting countries. He pointed out that the SARC is working hard to ensure all requirements and temporary sheltering centers needed to receive the displaced families from Lebanon and then bring them back to their residence areas. 

However, Sweid added that "the Turkish Red Crescent Society had refused to comply with the SARC request to contact with the Syrian families staying in Turkish camps."

The meeting was attended by the deputy ministers of foreign and expatriates affairs, health and education, in addition to head of the Syrian Family Affairs Agency and representatives of the ministries of interior and local administration.


H. Mustafa