Message of Gratitude

Nothing is more beautiful than appreciation and gratitude when it comes from your friends or relatives, to feel that they remember your pain and hurt and trying to comfort you... To find them at a time when you think that you have been forgotten just like the others who have been forgotten in this country which is full of tragedies. 

A small word, (may God have mercy on your martyred son), returns to you the hope that this martyr is still in the minds of friends and neighbors as it is in the heart, soul and thought of parents.


But when you get the appreciation and gratitude from someone you do not expect, from an important figure who is as lovely and dear as home itself then you do not know what you feel ...your emotions will be  mixed.

On a rainy winter day the phone rang. The  speaker invited the father of the martyr to come to Damascus with his family to meet the First Lady.

All the family members were invited to meet the lady who cares about the whole country, remembers everyone in it and does not forget the sacrifices of his sons.

I meet them after their return from Damascus. The father of the martyr said: "We are a poor family, as you see from a small village. My martyred son is one of the thousands who sacrificed their lives for the homeland. I did not even dream that an important figure like Mrs. Asmaa Al-Assad will ask about me and about my family.

She received us ... All the family ... We felt like we were in our house. She talked to everyone of us and listened to our concerns and our demands. She  gave us a lot of love, hope and patience. She said ask what you want, whatever you get will not compensate you for the loss of your martyr son who sacrificed himself for Syria.

The hero martyr Ayham Ghazi Khaddour was one of Aleppo Central Prison heroes who fought valiantly during the siege imposed on the prison by the terrorist forces. His friends told his father that the doctor was stitching his wound when a booby trapped armored vehicle tried to break through the prison walls. He left the doctor and carried his machine gun, fired a direct blow that detonated the armored vehicle outside the walls of the building. But the force of treachery and crime managed to  target him with a shell that led to his death with eight of his comrades.

It is worth mentioning that Ayham  has three brothers who are fighting in the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army and that one of them, Amjad, is seriously  injured.

These are the sons of Syria who teach the world lessons in honor, dignity and courage.


Amal Farhat -  from Homs to the Syria Times