"Tasama" NGO in Lattakia Provides Vital Humanitarian Assistance to Families Affected by Crisis

The seven-year unjust war on Syria is the worst humanitarian crisis and any response to this war should be built on this principle. Local and civil society associations in the Syrian provinces are a vital partner to the Syrian government in many aspects mainly in confronting big challenges and difficulties.

Such societies and volunteer work are also the safety valve and supporting pillar of the country's security due the preventive and aid roles they play.

"The Syrian Rassemblement for Reform and Civil Society Participation" (Tasama ) in Lattakia province is one of the different civil society associations in Syria which provide vital humanitarian assistance and long-term care, mainly to the families affected by the crisis in Syria.

 To shade light on Tasama's goals and objectives, Syriatimes e-newspaper interviewed Mr. Samea Al-Khatib, Chairman of Tasama Rassemblement in Lattakia province.

Al Khatib said "Tasama was established in 2015 with the approval of the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry. It is a non-profit society that works inside all Syrian provinces and it is supported by the expatriates gathering for Syria in France".

He stressed that the humanitarian crisis in Syria has shaken all the Syrian people's conscience with the images of martyrs and the injured personnel of the Syrian Arab Army as well as innocent men, women and children suffering from the huge devastation within their country.

Concerning Tasama's goals and activities, Al Khatib said "Tasama's primary objectives are philanthropy and social well-being as thousands of people have been killed and more than tens of thousands were displaced due to the savage and criminal acts perpetrated by the terrorist armed groups.

He indicated that Tasama has been keen on drawing up urgent programs and plans aiming at providing as much help as possible to the affected families to change the lives of people who are in dire need every day.

Al-Khatib went on to say that Tasama society seeks to promote  and develop human resources through holding symposiums and social activities, cooperating with councils of popular and local societies to reactivate self-energy and volunteer work for the benefit of the society.

He affirmed that Tasama works on the ground across all Syrian provinces to provide financial, human and medical services including food baskets, clothing, shoes, blankets, toys for children, free medical requirements as medicines, treatment against illnesses as well as carrying out free medical operations.

Al-Khatib mentioned that Tasama offered three ambulances to the ministry of defense, health ministry and the military hospital in Lattakia  province.

He talked about the field visits carried out by Tasama to Syrian Arab Army positions at different fronts as well as to the injured soldiers in hospitals in Damascus countryside and the provinces of Hama and Homs where it took part in blood donation campaigns.

Martyrdom is a bridge to victory

The Syriatimes e-newspaper met also Mrs. Radyyah Mohammad whose brother and nephew were martyred in battles with terrorists in Damascus countryside and Deir-Ezzor provinces.

She said "I am proud of their martyrdom in defense of their homeland, stressing that martyrs are those who hold on their faith in the face of overwhelming force".

Radyyah indicated that martyrs sacrificed themselves and offered their blood to save their beloved Syria, stressing that "martyrdom is a bridge to victory" and that the Syrian Arab Army and allies are the most successful fighting force against extremist terrorist groups.

She praised the key role being played by Tasama in honoring the martyrs' families, ensuring them a dignified life as well as supplying them with all kinds of assistance.

Mrs. Douaa Baddour, one of the displaced citizens told the Syriatimes e- newspaper "I have been forced with my family to leave my home, so I came to Lattakia province because of the atrocities committed by the criminal groups".

She indicated that her family witnessed the torturing of people in a criminal way and the killing of innocent men, women and children, not to mention the kidnapping of some families.

Mrs. Baddour pointed out that the Syrian crisis affected many families as a lot of people have become refugees abroad, some internally displaced and some people were killed.

She asserted that the Syrian families have faced big challenges and difficulties, mainly the breakdown in the family structure that impact children and the entire family not only economically but emotionally as well.

Mrs. Baddour highly valued free services they get from Tasama, including supplying make-shift houses with all kinds of assistance mainly medical services as many children have endured injuries and physical trauma or illnesses.

She praised Tasama's important role in creating awareness and supporting solutions that provide relief and empower affected families.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam