Social Affairs Ministry, European NGOs Discuss Cooperation

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Rema Qadri has discussed with a visiting delegation representing European Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) the prospects of cooperation.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the minister said that aid to be offered by the delegation’s members will help offer better services to Syrian people.

“The presentation made by the ministry during the meeting will be a search engine for cooperation with the delegation in order to fill any shortage,” Qadri declared, pointing out that there is a need to support development programs and activities to empower family and to offer all types of services to Persons with Disabilities and wounded Syrian soldiers.

 In addition to that there is a need to support the building of individuals’ capabilities to enter labour market, according to the minister, who told journalists-after the meeting- that the visiting delegation’s members  are friends of Syria and their visit aims to see the reality of events in Syria.

“The visit is an opportunity to brief the delegation on national needs on the ground in order know how to support the Syrian people and to bridge the gap resulted from unilateral coercive measures adopted against Syria,” Qadri affirmed. 

EU delegation: Syria’s steadfastness is a source of pride

On their part, the delegation’s members expressed their readiness to offer all forms of support in different fields in accordance with needs and projects which they will be briefed on, stressing that Syria’s steadfastness in confronting terrorism is a source of pride and strength to them.

“Since the start of the crisis in Syria we have been sure that there is a conspiracy against the country,” one of the delegation’s members said, asserting that history will record Syria’s steadfastness in confronting terrorism.

Another member of the delegation made it clear that the delegation is composed of persons from different European countries, who share the love of Syria. He underscored the need to stand by Syrian people and to unveil misinformation before European public opinion in order to see the terrorist organizations’ crimes in Syria.

‘Young Syrian Entrepreneurs’

The NGOs delegation paid a visit to the training camp of ‘Young Syrian Entrepreneurs’ in Yaafour complex that aims to build youths’ capabilities through attracting creative youths and helping them create job opportunities and translating their ideas into action.

The program of the camp is being implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, UN Development Program and Syrian Enterprise and Business Center (SEBC).

Chairman of the SEBC’s Board of Directors Goerge Qtini said that the program targets Syrian youths, who are aged between 18 and 35 and have creative ideas to solve economic and social problems. “These ideas will be translated into projects where at least 15 projects will be financed by max 2 million Syrian pound and they will be followed for 3 months,” he added.

The duration of the camp is 7 days – From October 7 till 13.

Basma Qaddour