"Let's Make Syria Beautiful" Clean-up Campaign by "Assawari" Civil Society Association in Lattakia

LATTAKIA, (ST)- Besides its many different activities that seek providing assistance mainly to children affected by the crisis in Syria, the "Assawari" civil society association in Lattakia recently launched  a clean-up, awareness and beautification campaign in the city under the slogan "let us make Syria beautiful" with the participation of more than 50 volunteers of different age categories.

The campaign, which is the first of its kind by the association, aims at disseminating awareness about protecting environment, maintaining cleanness and beautifying the streets of Lattakia. Bags for collecting the waste and leaflets encouraging cleanness and urging commitment to its rules were distributed to citizens in streets and public places. 

To shed light on the association's goals and activities, the Syria Times e-newspaper interviewed Head of "Assawari" Association, Mrs. Afnan Belal.

She said that under the slogan: "a smile, health, and education" the association was established in 2016 with the approval of the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry.

Mrs. Belal clarified that the ongoing crisis in Syria has affected all walks of life in the country and caused suffering to all categories of the Syrian society, particularly children who are the major victims of the crisis.

Concerning the association's goals, Mrs. Belal stressed that the assembly has  been keen on drawing up and implementing programs aiming to provide as much assistance as possible to the affected children of martyrs, kidnapped and displaced people in addition to those staying in makeshift housing centers.

She pointed out that the association is a support initiative that  seeks alleviating children's suffering and helping affected families who fled the atrocities of terrorist groups in several provinces.

Mrs. Belal indicated that the association offers free educational and medical care services to children affected by the ongoing crisis.

She added the association spares no effort to pave the way for the children to take part in competitions, exhibitions, workshops and other activities.

Mrs. Belal  stressed the association's effective role in offering psychological support to the children and encouraging them to challenge the difficult circumstances the country is going through.

She pointed out that the association always carries out cultural, entertainment, intellectual and sport activities that consolidate self-confidence and raise awareness of the children.

ST quoted the association's volunteers as saying that they are happy to join the association to offer something beautiful and useful from the Syrian youths to their country.

They stressed the need to bring a smile to Syrian children and develop their talents.

They highly appreciated the importance of the training courses they carried out on planning the activities, methods of amending behavior, the language of the body, nerves programming and on breaking the traditional image of the Syrian women and improving their conditions.

They pointed out that the affected children and their families offered a different kind of confrontation and steadfastness and gave outstanding examples of success and work.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam