SARC Daraa Branch Offered Medical Services to 350.000 Persons in Past Seven Years

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) branch in Daraa province, south of the country, has offered emergency medical services to 350.000 persons over the past seven years.

It has become a main supporter in the field of emergency medical services after expanding its medical services within few years to meet the increasing needs of persons under the terror war imposed on the country, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

 The agency quoted the SARC's medical team's leader in the province Mohammad Rami al-Ahmad as saying: "At the beginning, the emergency medical section was composed of 8 volunteers, 2 ambulances and 4 doctors that were working around the clock with little experience in this filed. While in March 2014, the SARC branch raised the slogan 'medic in every house'  and started to focus of building capabilities through training courses."

The training courses were followed by expanding infrastructures in Daraa where a pharmacy containing medicines for chronic diseases and ambulatory cases was opened and it gave the medicine free.

As time passes, the medical team's members has increased and reached to 42 medics, 4 doctors, 7 administrative employees and 5 ambulances in Daraa city plus 33 medics, 5 doctors and 2 ambulances in Izraa city, al-Ahmad said.

He pointed out that a lot of youths in Daraa rushed to join the SARC's medical team as volunteers because of their sense of social responsibility and their humanitarian duty.

High-level Coordination between SARC, Health Directorate

"The coordination between the SARC and Health Directorate in Daraa province reached the highest  level through setting up a joint operations room besides the SARC operations room to offer emergency services," al-Ahmad added.

This coordination was not limited to offer emergency services, but it included free services offered by the SARC's medical center, which was founded in 2010 as dispensary, according to the center's Director Dr. Ibrahim al-Sobeh.

On his part, Head of the SARC's branch in Daraa Dr. Ahmad al-Masalmeh said that SARC was offering services to people in safe areas and was conveying medical aid- allocated by the International Committee of the Red Cross- to flashpoint areas.

"SARC's volunteers conveyed six tons of medical aid to flashpoint areas in coordination with Daraa Health Directorate," he concluded.

Since 2011, Syria has faced a foreign-backed terror war targeting its army, people, infrastructures and civilization in accordance with US-Zionist plot that aims to fragment the region and to have hegemony over its wealth.

Basma Qaddour