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Syrian Government Seeks Integrating Youths in Labor Market, International Meetings

"Youth Building Peace' is the title selected for marking the International Youth Day in 2017 in order to stress the importance of youths' participation in peace issues and in community development.

In this context, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Rema Qadri told the Syrian News Agency (SANA) that Syria pressed ahead with attaching great importance to youths despite the terror war imposed on the country since 2011.

 "There is concentration on enhancing individuals' capabilities in all fields, including education and vocation, in order to integrate them in labor market," she said, adding that this is the duty of the government.

The draft of national multisectoral program for adolescent and youth persons in Syria will be ready by the beginning of 2018, according to  Chairperson of Syrian Commission for Family Affairs and Population Hadil al-Asmar, who underlined  that the program will take into account UN resolution No. 2250 issued in 2015 on youth, peace and security.

"The program will also take into consideration the United Nations Security Council's recommendations related to increase youths' representation , meet the needs of affected youths, create job opportunities for them and build their capabilities," al-Asmar added.

Youths to represent Syria at national and international levels

She pointed out that the commission will form a group of youths and train them on the UN resolution No. 2250 in order to select some of the group's members to represent Syria at national and international levels.

The study prepared last month by the commission in cooperation with Higher Institute for Demographic Studies about youths' issues and difficulties facing them showed differences in the needs of youths in many areas.

"There must be interest in youths' issues in the fields of education, health and family protection, and in the fields of getting job and participation in all domains as well as in organizing their initiatives and enhancing national principles," Director of the Institute Akram al-Qash said.

50% of Syrian population aged 15-45

He made it clear that a comprehensive national strategy will be prepared to have a clear program containing governmental and non-governmental activities that enable youths to diagnose their problems and to suggest solutions.

"30% of Syrian population is aged 15-30, while half of the population is aged 15-45. This means that Syrian community is a young community that necessitates activating youths' role," al-Qash said, referring to key role played by youths in confronting terror war imposed on the country.

"Youths have offered all forms of support to affected persons because of their strong sense of responsibility towards their homeland," he concluded.

Youth conference for human development

 On September 9th, Ministry of Administrative Development and the Syrian Students National Union (SSNU) will hold the first youth conference for human development in Damascus University under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad.

The six-day conference due to kick off on September 9th under the banner 'Creative Youth...Leading Institutions'  will focus on youths' role in administrative reform and human development, investment of youths' capabilities in work inside institutions and community and enhancing development principles of youths.

Basma Qaddour