Ingush Delegation visits Syria

On July 25, LouayYusuf, an advisor for the Ingushetia Republic’s President held meeting with representatives from the local Syrian opposition in Damascus.

According to Mahmoud Marai, the Secretary General of the Damascus –based opposition National Democratic Action Committee in Syria, the Ingush delegation was very open to hear the Syrian opposition political views and discussions.

Marai said that about 90 to 100 members of the local opposition groups, national figures and activists of the civil society participated in the meeting, including FatihJamous, ZiadWatfa, Maher Karam, MaisKiridi, Maher Mirhig, Salem al-Kharatt, Abdul QaderObied, Ahmed Kosa, and others.

Marai said the participants freely expressed their political stances towards the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic and rejection of all attempts of partitions of Syria including federalism and confederate.

“ The real Syrian opposition’s representatives are here inside the country not those who live in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. We, the local opposition, living inside Syria and represent the Syrian state and people’s interest not the platforms of Riyadh, Cairo or Moscow,” Marai said to  the Syria Times.

“We stressed strongly our support for the Syrian Arab Army in protecting the unity of Syria’s land and rooting out terrorism,” Marai added.

MaisKiridi, the official spokesperson for the Syrian Internal Opposition Delegation to Geneva, said:

“ We don’t disagree with the Syrian government on the national and patriot issues. We disagree only on political issues related to multi-political life and expansion freedom of expression,” Kiridi said to the Syria Times.

“We called and keep calling Staffan de Mistura, the UN's Syria envoy, to represent the Syrian internal opposition in the Geneva talks according to the UN Resolution 2254,” Kiridi added.

The Ingush delegation stressed on the strategic ties between Syria and Russia and called to activate the Syrian local opposition.

The Ingush delegation, including representatives from the Syrian-Russian Businessmen Council, held meetings with Syrian businessmen to launch joint business and investment projects.

The Ingush delegation visited the Ingush Military Police Battalion in Damascus Rural Province.


Reported by Obaida al-Mohammad.