Wadi Al-Nadarah Received the Governmental Delegation

In pursuit of the citizens' concerns and the work process in the different fields of governmental services in all the Syrian governorates, Mr. Emad Khamis, Prime Minister, as he used to do, began a work visit to Homs.

What is striking in all his visits is the presence of a large number of ministers who accompany him. He listens to the problems and addresses to the concerned minister to solve them immediately.

He started from the Industrial City in Hassia, the economic heart of the city, where a large number of industrialists have returned to work. He met with them listened to their problems and their views and addressed the concerned ministers to resolve all these problems as quickly as possible.

Then he visited Almkharam, which is one of the eastern important gates of Homs.

His directives to activate the work process in health institutions and the Care centers for families of martyrs and wounded had a good impact on the morale of this region'speople.

During his work visit, Prime Minister inaugurated a large number of service projects and laying the foundation stone for other projects in various parts of the province from east to west.

He also Check out the existing projects in the public and private sectors and followed up the readiness of these projects, their needs and the ways of the government support to this project.

On Friday, the Valley of Al- Nadarah was on a date with his visit, a martyr mother in Enaz town, where the Prime Minister was to honor the families of the martyrs families, said:

"What alleviates our suffering and the true loss of our love for those who defend the homeland and what also eases the pain of our wounded, is to see such governmental attention  for the families of martyrs and wounded".

In a statement to The Syria Times, the Prime Minister said: "The life I see here in Homs and the love of life and the hope of its people in a better future drives me to work more and more and give the government a great push to accomplish what the people of this city aspire to, those people who have made a lot of sacrifices during the crisis.

Archbishop, Ilya Tohma said:" the presence of the government here is important to it as it is important to us. Such visits enable the government to identify the possibilities where it can invest and adopt the various establishments as we have a large expatriate bloc helping the government to finance projects as well as to benefit from government's provided facilities.

It is true that we have many demands and we need a lot of services but we know that the state is not at its best, it is in crisis, so we must cooperate together to promote the reality and achieve the development we seek".


Amal Farhat - from Wadi Al-Nadarah to the Syria Times+6