International Day of the Sons of the Sun

Under the patronage of the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs and in partnership with associations, community centers, scouts, institutions, and various volunteer teams, Sayar launched the International Day of the Sons of the Sun to be an annual event held on the 1st of July each year around the world.

The event, which was launched from Damascus  to several places such as ;  Aleppo, Tarsus ,  Latakia  , Homes and Salamiah, included different sorts of activities directed to this category  of children( marginalized children and children in the street ).

This event was held in the public places such as streets, gardens and squares, to draw the attention of the world  to this phenomenawhich is increasing day by day especially in the time of war and crises.

 Regarding to the event ,SamiaNahas ( one of the founder of Sayar project) said:

We can't go beyond this issue that is growing in our societies and we need  a real work on the ground with these homeless children who lack the proper environment for their care.

We have worked for years to establish  weekly program in several places in Damascus and its rural. This program includes  ; Illiteracy,  awareness, energizing, and art of therapy.

The program was made especially for those children who open their eyes to find themselves beggars in the street begging the people on the traffic lights and elsewhere.

Sayar's project considered that the money they were given to those children  increase their numbers ,especially that they are driven by exploiters and their parents.

The only solution for decreasing  this phenomena is by  establishing governmental and civil centers, their main objective is to share the responsibilities for rehabilitating those children.

The  media officer ofSayar's  project,WassimAlSakhleh said:this event (the Sons of the Sun)  is in partnership with associations, community centers, scouts, institutions, and various volunteer teams, who are taking a serious responsibility to implement this event through launching messages of love and peace from these children to the whole world by connecting them with pigeons or balloons that were launched at the end of the celebration after  a long series of park cleaning activities and children's games and activities  and competitions for volunteers in paragraphs .

The main participants in this events are:

Nahel community center- Fada , Dobameen, The street of life – Aleppo, Friend's of Salamiah  Association.

Obaida Hamad

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