'Sham FM' Radio Launches 'To MY Family' Project

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its foundation, 'Sham FM' Radio has launched 'To MY Family' project that aims to alleviate the suffering of some victims of the ongoing terror war on Syria. 

The project comes within the framework of the national, cultural and social message of the radio, Founder and Director of 'Sham FM' radio Samir Yousif told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), referring to the national duty of media outlets and their role in social solidarity.

 "The humanitarian role of media outlets emerged during the war and it was not required during peace. The war necessitates that private and public media outlets to work to help the state alleviate the suffering of affected people," he added.

'Sham FM", which was launched on July, 7, 2007, has attracted Syrian people especially during the aggressive war on the country. It was able to remain steadfast and to face the misleading media outlets that were involved in the war against Syria. 

It held a lot of interviews with political analysts to explain the reality of events to listeners and it was a main source for news

"To My Family" project provides guarantees for orphans in cooperation with concerned parties,  offers  artificial limbs, ensures appropriate care for Persons with Special Needs, ensures decent standard of living for displaced families and ensures  jobs for female breadwinners and unemployed persons.

Basma Qaddour