Collective Work A Must, Says Nashawati

The "National and Social Initiative" is seeking,  in cooperation with a number of NGOs based-in- Damascus, to launch social activities with the aim of  consolidating the  national cohesion and upgrading  social discipline.
In a statement to SANA youth bulletin, head of  initiative, Hossam Nashawati clarifies  that the initiative's idea comes according to  the social's  needs of each area through launching   campaigns ,  various activities and workshops in collaboration with the NGOs in society by adopting using the direct techniques of social marketing in a bid to stimulate  the  social feelings , according attention to  their proposals and focusing  on ensuring job opportunities rather than boosting society awareness of volunteers .

"The initiative aims to educate citizens on the  importance of the work in a society, the necessity  to protect it  and to give citizens the opportunity to express their opinions and to shed light on a fact that Syrians are going hand in hand," underscored Nashawati.

"The initiative's main task  is to  unify   the NGO's work  in the service of  citizens and to open channels   of the  traditional society and its habits , according to each area and the activists' pivotal  role , coordinating with concerned ministries and institutions to set out the  social initiatives (goals-definition).

Nashawati pointed to the importance of creative ideas presented  by volunteers as regards the said initiative. And  working to find  out a rapid  mechanisms to be applied into force, due to the need to develop and encourage young of   creative ideas that help pushing the process of participatory and voluntary work forward.
" there is a dire need  to  promote the  culture of collective work  amongst  citizens ", Nashwati concluded.


Maysa Wasouf