Khamis: Government Keen on Supporting Charity Associations

Prime Minister Imad Khamis accompanied by governmental delegation and heads of charity associations' councils made Saturday an unofficial visit to the headquarters of 'al-Mabarra' Association in Damascus where they were briefed on orphans' problems and situation.

According to state-run Tishreen newspaper [in Arabic], the premier stood with many orphans and asked them about their problems and ambitions.

 "We must be optimistic and overcome obstacles," Khamis told the orphans, pointing out that education and self-confidence are the keys to success.

Following the unofficial visit, the premier attended Iftar banquet held by 'Ahel al-Sham' Initiative for children of martyrs and orphans with special needs in Luxury Palace in Damascus.

He expressed his pleasure at attending the banquet that reflects Syrian people's belief in their country and their participation in defending the homeland.

"We, the government, people and organizations,  must go ahead with standing together to fight those who conspired against Syria," Khamis said, asserting that the government works on supporting charity associations and organizing their works through Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in order to offer the best services to crisis-affected persons.

On her part, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs RemaQadri said that Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)  seek to provide children with science and to empower women and youths to be more active in future.

Minister of Local Administration Hussien Makhlouf said that the banquet represents Syrian National unity and steadfastness, hoping that Syria will get rid of terrorism by the beginning of the 2018.

Minister of health declared that Syrian children will be the nucleus of building Syria's future. "Cooperation among charity associations proves that Syria is still fine," he added.

Since the start of crisis in Syria in 2011, a lot of NGOs have worked on alleviating Syrian people's suffering in all provinces in cooperation with the government.

Basma Qaddour