'Baader' Project Distributes 600 Iftar Meals Daily among Families in Need in 42 Areas

For the fifth year running, the development project ' Baader' [initiate] continues to distribute hundreds of hot meals among families in need in Damascus and its countryside on the occasion of Ramadan month [Muslim holy month of fasting].

The project will cover this year 42 areas in Damascus and its countryside, manager of the project Abdul Hafez al-Qesti said.

He added that 600 meals are being distributed daily among families in need and there are empowerment initiatives within the framework of the project.

 "The project has been launched since the beginning of the crisis in Syria and it directly works with local community, private companies and dignitaries in accordance with social partnership in development and building," al-Qesti said.

He made it clear that some of the project's programs target children and youths in society in all fields. "Around 44 aid, cultural, educational and recreational initiatives have been launched so far."

In 2013, the project distributed 3000 food parcels daily among families in need in Damascus and its countryside. However the number of daily parcels reached up to 5500 parcels in 2014. 

Since the start of the foreign-backed terror war on Syria, a lot of initiatives and projects have been launched in cooperation with Syrian government to help persons in need and to alleviate their suffering in all provinces.

Basma Qaddour