The Blooming May of Syria is a life Light in the Home of Life

There, on Qasiyoun Mount where the Martyr's monument rises highly reminding us of the noblest of people, the martyrs, who had lost their souls in defense of their home against the tyrannical enemy.

Today, as you come here throughout the green spaces that cover the hills and plains all over the Syrian regions you will find that anemones are covering every part of Syria's land as if the monument of the unknown soldier in Damascus had turned to be seeds that spread in every part of Syria's soil.


Each of our villages has become a monument of the unknown soldier.... Syria, as a whole, has turned to be a mausoleum of the Syrian great soldier, its guardian angel.

Our martyrs are nowadays are well- known martyrs. They are our sons and brothers, fathers and grandsons.

In every house of our country, there is a picture of a martyr and dear memories for those who departed us and returned wrapped in the flag of the homeland. They were fighting terrorism all over the Syrian territories.

Some of them returned to us as martyrs who were tenderly embraced by the soil of their villages. The others remained as an impassioned spirit that stimulates motivation and gives determination to their comrades who are still fighting.

The 6th of May will not be the only day to celebrate martyrs.

Every day we have a memory with a martyr. We live with their dear memories at every moment of our lives and this what gives us strength, hope and ability to live.

If the martyrs of the sixth of May, a century ago, were the martyrs of the word and the attitude, our nowadays martyrs are the martyrs of right and duty, dignity and defending the land and Honor.

Amal Farhat- from Homs to the Syria Times