60 Young Volunteers Participate in Beautification Campaign in Damascus

About 60 young volunteers have started removing old posters in Baramkeh area in Damascus city in cooperation with Ministry of Tourism and Damascus Governorate.

The clean-up and beautification campaign, which comes within the activity of 'Syria is much more beautiful', aims to replace the old posters in Baramkeh, Zahera and al-Assad bridge areas in the capital with new ones made by the volunteers.

 The volunteers made 140 new posters showing the beauty of Damascus and the other Syrian provinces, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported Saturday, pointing out that the campaign requires further support and finance.  

The agency quoted several volunteers as saying that they are happy to participate in the campaign and to offer something beautiful from Syrian youths to their country.

Last October, a similar campaign was launched with the participation of 230 volunteers to rehabilitate al-Assad bridge area in the heart of Damascus.

The four-day campaign launched by the team of ‘Damascus 2020’ project included coloring the columns of the bridge, planting shrubs and cleaning the Barada river channel.

It came within the activities of world tourism day.

Basma Qaddour