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The Fifth Dimension

The whole world know that science has approved four dimensions of the existence in which we live, which are  time and place. But we, in Syria, have the other dimension, which is, pain. Yes, it is the new dimension that we feel in our lives and that accompanies us in all our moments and places .

Pain  has become an inherent state for time and place  and an inevitable reality that deprived us of our smile ....

Do not think that we are desperate or hopeless…. Never, we believe that tomorrow will be the best and that is what we are naturally disposed for, but pain is something else.

Will I tell you how much pain I felt when I saw those buses burning in Aleppo?

Will I tell you how much pain my soul and eyes have shed on those children who came out looking for safety, a bite of bread and a pill?

Or those women and old people who have been forced out of their homes to provide food for their children and families.

Pain can never be measured ... There is no measure yet of the intensity of what we all felt towards the tears of the anguished father and a bereaved mother.

Excuse me if I tell you that the hardest thing I've seen in all these years so far, is the calamity that has afflicted us with our children who have left Kafria and Fow'a ... They have left bombing, hunger and disease that threatened them in their besieged areas and died as a result of treachery and betrayal.


Amal Farhat- from Homs to the Syria Times