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Social Initiative to Enhance Youths' Ability to Make Positive Change in Society

HAMA, (ST) -"Mishkat" social initiative in Hama is interested in qualifying Syrian youths and in consolidating and developing  their scientific and learning skills before entering job market.

Supervisors of "Mishkat" project believe in the Syrian youths' creative capabilities to make positive change in society and to build better future if their abilities and skills are enhanced and directed towards the right track.

Concerning the goals of "Mishkat", founder of the initiative, Dr. Adel al-Tawashi said it was established in cooperation with Syria's Enterprise and Business Centre (SEBC) with a message to boost  the cultural, economic and social life in society through providing youths with opportunities to find  inventive solutions to their problems. The initiative also aims at contributing to achieving equality, cooperation and integration in society, he added.

 Al-Tawashi pointed out that the initiative seeks settling and applying the concepts of sustainable development in different economic and social fields.

He stressed that the initiative’s main aim is to spread the culture of  peace through empowering the youths to get dialogue and negotiation skills.  It also aims at bringing youths' views closer and at holding training courses aiming to qualify influential persons who are able to create new initiatives that contribute to development in society.

According to Al-Tawashi, "Mishkat" initiative spares no efforts to consolidate the principle of equality between men and women and to reactivate the principle of equal opportunities. He made it clear that the initiative carried out a number of workshops and training courses on boosting youths' effective communication skills with the participation of more than 35 youths from Hama Governorate.

He expressed his desire to carry out more workshops and training courses to realize vocational and knowledge benefit for wider category of active Syrian youths .

Rawaa Ghanam