‘Smile Returned to Syria’ Group launches campaign for children and young people

Bringing a smile to Syrian children’s faces and developing their talents are the main goals of a campaign launched Saturday by the ‘Smile Returned to Syria’ Group in cooperation with Ministry of Tourism in the ‘Dama Rose’ Hotel in Damascus.

These goals will be realized through offering psychological and educational support plus free medical services to children affected by the ongoing war on Syria, the Group’s head of the Boards of Directors Adam Abo Lbadeh said, adding that the group contracted with 75 doctors in Damascus in coordination with Doctors and Pharmacists Syndicates  

He indicated that the group includes 3000 persons and it targets Syrian children, aged 6 year, and young people nationwide. “The group has representatives in 36 Arab and foreign countries.”


Director of Relations in the Group Mohammad al-Balkhi said that the banner of the group [Smile Returned to Syria] aims to show the real image of Syria and to refute misleading media campaign against the country.

On his part, Director of singing in the group Asem Sekkar asserted the need to revive children’s songs in order to spread peace and love.

Today, the 1st Childhood Festival in Syria will kick off in the’ Dama Rose’ Hotel in Damascus and it will kick off later in other provinces.

Basma Qaddour