The return of the soul

Homs today is  on a new date with calm, security and safety. It is on a date with the return of the soul again where the last batch of gunmen had left al Wa'er district.

It could be said that the last part of the cancer, which rooted  and spread in the side of the city is now eradicated and the city is going to be healed from.

The disease stage has ended and wellness has returned to the beloved city. Al-Wa'er will return to be, as it has always been, the beautiful area which is distinguished by its buildings and inhabitants. Everyone longs for cafes and restaurants on its outskirts .... We used to spend our holidays in Homs Ghouta and Dick al-Jin.


We have missed shopping through commodity market there, where the farmers and merchants of Homs and the neighboring cities used to  meet ... We have longed for the return of life that we have waited very long for.

It is the return of the spirit and hope, not just the return of an area.





Amal Farhat –Homs correspondent