'Al-Waed al-Sadiq' Institute Gathers Several Wounded Syrian Soldiers and Civilians in Film

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of its foundation, the 'al-Waed al-Sadiq' Institute [Honest Promise Institute] organized Monday an activity in the Damascus Opera House where several wounded Syrian soldiers and civilians narrated how they were injured  during the ongoing terror war on the country.

The narration came within a film entitled 'Half Moon' directed by Waddah Shahin, who declared that the wounded soldiers and civilians are the 'luminous half on the ground ' and they have a strong determination and full of optimism.

The audiences sensed this determination and optimism and clapped thunderously while the wounded soldiers and civilians were narrating how they were injured.

 The wounded Syrian soldier Nour Ahmad, who took part in the film, told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that "we can reach our goal by determination and will. We are able to fulfil our duty towards the country either by carrying guns to defend it or by doing anything else."

The agency quoted a wounded Syrian teacher, who was injured when a mortar hit her house, as saying : " All of us must continue our role in building our country."

This teacher has lost her son in the terror mortar attack on her house.

Another wounded young lady, who lost her brother and father in a rocket attack on her house, asserted that she will go ahead with her study to achieve her dream.

"We want to tell terrorists through this film that they will never destroy Syria and wound is an indicator of victory," the film's preparator  Rami Bara said.


Contradictions the Syrian people have lived throughout the past six years- such as life and death, pain and hope, war and peace- were depicted in the film, which showed how the moon became full thanks to sacrifices of Syrian Arab army and wounded soldiers, who lost part of their bodies in order to make homeland as a full moon, , according to the state-run 'Tishreen' newspaper.

The paper quoted director of the film as saying the film aims to document these cases to be an evidence of events taking place in Syria and to shed light on real heroes on the ground, including wounded soldiers.


On her part, Chairperson of Trustees' Council of 'al-Waed al-Sadiq' Institute Rim Suliman affirmed that the institute will press ahead with supporting wounded soldiers and civilians to boost their confidence in themselves.

Around 47 wounded Syrian soldiers and civilians plus several well-known political, religious and media dignitaries were honored in the activity.

The Institute of 'al-Waed al-Sadiq', founded four years ago, includes 280 volunteers offering medical aid to wounded persons either inside Syria or abroad through cooperation with friendly countries.

It has conducted hundreds of surgeries and offered physical treatment to the wounded persons in their houses.

The institute will establish a center to treat all forms of war wounds. 

Basma Qaddour