Syrian Women Turned Pains of War into Hope

Syrian women have never skimped on their homeland and they have been active in urging their sons to defend the homeland, which is more precious than anything else. They have worked in all fields of life challenging difficult circumstances the country is going through.

This is what Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Rema Qadri said during a press conference held Wednesday in Damascus on the occasion of the International Women's Day (IWD), which is celebrated on March 8 every year.

The Minister made it clear that Syrian women have offered a different kind of confrontation manifested in their diligent and serious work , saluting the Syrian women who translated steadfastness into action and gave outstanding examples of success and work.

 "Syrian women are positive recipients and they have overcome effects of the crisis in the country and have become family's breadwinners and supporters," Qadri added.

On her part, Head of the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs and Population Hadel al-Asmar said during the press conference that a family protection unit will be opened today to help solve problems of women, children and battered woman and to study reasons of violence.

Female leaders

"The commission works on drawing up a national anti-violence strategy related to women, especially those who are living in terrorists-held areas. It also prepares a study about some articles of law that requires amendment in favor of women," al-Asmar added, asserting that Syrian law comes in line with Syrian constitution and it does not distinguish between men and women.

"The commission in cooperation with Ministry of Administrative Development has launched a program to empower female leaders in their works," she indicated.

Chairperson of the General Union of Women Raghda Ahmad declared that vision of the work is based on fighting Takfiri thought and protecting national identity and civilization which is being targeted by terrorism.

"Syrian Women have been strong in confronting terrorism and have changed their priorities and have participated in defending the homeland," Ahmad affirmed.

She pointed out that the union carried out 139 projects and opened 18 productivity centers for women, stressing that Syrian women will play key role in the country's reconstruction process.

Women healed their wounds

In this context, State Minister of Organizations and Federations Affairs Dr. Salwa Abdullah told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that the Syrian State provides opportunities for women to be active in political, economic, cultural and social fields.

"Syrian mothers, wives, sisters have healed their wounds and have continued their works in order to tell their children that bright future is coming," the minister added.

She underscored the need to empower Syrian women in cultural, economic and legal fields.

Member of Parliament Maha Shbiro asserted that the steadfastness of Syrian women during the ongoing terror war on the county is exceptional.

Syrian women got the right to vote in 1949. They became Members of Parliament for the first time in 1960. They have occupied senior positions in the state including that of minister, diplomat, Vice-president, speaker of parliament, presidential advisor and officer.

Basma Qaddour