Effective Participation of Women in Political Life Indicates Progress of Society

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Effective presence of women in the political life of a country indicates the progress of its society, participants in a workshop, organized by the Ministry for National Reconciliation Affairs in Damascus, said on Monday.

Political empowerment of women and helping them to occupy decision-making positions were the main topics of the workshop which was held with the participation of representatives of civil society associations as well as political parties and social figures.

 The participants affirmed that civil society associations, political parties and mass media should focus on the issue of having effective participation by women in the political life of the country in order to reach the hoped-for level under the growing focus on women issues internationally and the growing interest of the Syrian government in women rights and issues.

Minister of State for Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar said at the opening ceremony that "no true reconciliation can be attained in the country without women's participation, particularly  because social responsibilities are undertaken equally  by both men and women.

He pointed out that throughout history, several Syrian women were leaders in parts of the world and were worthy of that.

On her part, Head of the Women General Federation (WGF) Raghda al-Ahmad noted the Syrian women' strong presence at work, stressing that during the ongoing crisis in the country the Syrian women proved their ability to withstand the crisis and play their effective role in building their families and in enhancing their country's society.

Hamda Mustafa