New Procedures Taken to Regulate work process in Homs

In the light of the crises experienced by Syria and in an attempt to regulate work mechanisms, construction and the ability to meet the needs of the citizens all over the country, the government has paid special interest for management and work development within the state's institutions.

From this point of view the Minister of Local Administration and Environment Engineer Hussein Makhlouf, issued resolution No.432, date of 06.02.2017 containing the appointment of Mr. Mohammed Hassan al-Najjar director of the city of Homs. The tasks of this newly created position in the province is to work as an executive management of the City Council's departments and setting the strategic plans for the work process within the administrative unit.


Among the other tasks and functions of the city's director, as stated in Articles 70-71 of the Local Administration Law No. 107 of 2011 are:

-To organize the agenda of the Council and the Executive Office and preparing for its sessions as well as following up the decisions of these sessions.

-To submit the draft resolutions, plans and programs to the Council.

-To submit the annual plans of the Executive Office to be approved.

 -To follow-up the implementation plans for the city or town and preparing reports on these plans to the Executive Office.

. The direct supervision of the city or town various departments and to follow up its work.

-To submit periodical reports concerning work process in all areas of the city or town to the Executive Office.

-Supervising employees in the Administrative Unit's various departments.

To study all the topics that will be presented to the Council and provide the results of this study to the Head of the Council to be presented later to the city council.

-To coordinate between the administrative unit and the rest of the public bodies in the unit and the province.

-To develop administrative and financial plans for the city or town, preparing the proposed programs for the projects undertaken during the financial year and submit it to the head of the Council, in a move to be presented later to the Council.

-To coordinate with the administrative and executive bodies working within the city or town so as to facilitate the implementation of their joint actions.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Najjar was born in Homs in 1972. He studied Informatics Engineering at Aleppo University.  

He had Master of Business Administration MBA from the Syrian Virtual University in2014.

Eng. Al-Najjar has held several positions before assuming his tasks as a director of Homs. He was the Governor's advisor for information and communications since 2007 to2011.

He is the Coordinator of the Municipal Administration Modernization project(MAM)set by the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment in collaboration with and the European Commission since 2006.

 He is a member of the management committee of the Information Systems Forum in the Arab Towns Organization since 2005.


Amal Farhat- From Homs to the Syria Times