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Syrian Government Keen on Reactivating Civil Society

Minister of State for Federations and Organizations Affairs Dr. Salwa Abdullah and members of the board of directors of the Syriac  archbishopric-affiliated Relief and Development Center have debated possibility of carrying out the center's programs during the current year.

The debate, held Thursday, comes within the government's plan to reactivate the role of civil society in the advancement of Syrian society, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The agency quoted the minister as saying: " Relief and Development Center is a youth initiative that has a long experience in humanitarian work and it has carried out many projects as it has a big number of volunteers in different  fields such as supporting rural woman and offering medical services."

 In a recent statement, Dr. Abdullah said local organizations and Federations includes 80-85% of Syrian people.

"The Ministry of State for Local Organizations was founded because of the government's belief in the role of these organizations in supporting people's steadfastness and improving their living conditions as well as contributing to reconstruction process," the minister clarified. 

Relief and Development Center was founded in 2003 in Damascus by young believers in humanitarian work to help the Sudanese, Iraqi and Somali refugees. It is now playing a key role in offering help to Syrian people who are in need nationwide.

Since the eruption of crisis in Syria in 2011, a lot of Non-Governmental Organizations have offered help to affected people countrywide with the support of the Syrian government.

Basma Qaddour